First video from new XBLA-game Omega V

The first video that shows actual gameplay of the newly announced Xbox Live Arcade-game 'Omega V' is now online. The video shows multiple action sequences where the player needs to shoot hundreds of enemy's in this shoot 'm up. Click the link below to watch the video.

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DirtyRat4126d ago

looks pretty good for an arcade game

_insane_cobra4126d ago

Bizarre, but could be fun.

MK_Red4126d ago

Its really bizzare and strange and yet Im totally in love with it. Really strange but fun looking game arcade shooter.

BIadestarX4126d ago

mmmm... I didn't think they could make a side-scroller spaceship shooter interesting in 2007.... kind of stranger.... but in a good way.... I'll keep an eye on it.

BIGBAER4126d ago (Edited 4126d ago )

Lords Of Thunder, the classic PC Engine/Turbo Duo side scrolling shooter by---you guessed it, Hudson Soft! http://hg101.classicgaming....

This looks like a fun game. I miss all the original side-scrolling shooters as well as one very special top-scrolling shooter, Blazing Lazers (for TurboGrafx by Hudson Soft).

I'll be getting this game.

And, I know that Blazing Lazers is now available on the Wii's Virtual Console. That alone may be reason enough for me to pick one up.

Here's a video of some original Blazing Lazers goodness:

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