Crysis 2 versus Killzone 2: HD Screenshot comparison

GB writes:"Crysis 2 is definitely one of the games that we are looking forward to in 2010. Coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC later this year, Crysis 2 should be able to set a new benchmark in the visuals department again. So does the game match up with Killzone 2? We decided to do a high definition screen shot comparison of both the games, so check it out. The first screen is from Crysis 2 and the second one is from Killzone 2."

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Slasher3141d ago

Crysis 2 all the way, is this even close?

Pennywise3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Bad screen shot for Crysis. KZ2 looks better here.

EDIT: Goes to show you how impressive KZ2 actually is...

FangBlade3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Killzone 2 looks better.

Al Bundy3141d ago

Killzone 2 looks better in all but one of those shots.

Shaman3141d ago

LOL Crysis 2 looks better even in pre alpha...

raztad3141d ago

OH!, look how well the ol' good KZ2 still looks one year later.

I cant imagine how mindblowing KZ3 will be :)

WildArmed3141d ago

Wow.. in all these shots i couldn't pick the winner.
(except the last, Sev's face looks weird)

I dont know how you guys pick the winner so easily.
I guess I'm missing something :(

Blaze9293141d ago

Crysis 1 alone looks better than Killzone 2. Why even have the need to use the pre-alpha sequel?..which still looks better in some shots

Leio3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )


Yeah right and KZ2 was Pre-alpha 5 years ago...
This is not even a console version images. FAIL !

presto7173141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

or will it be pc > ps3 > 360.

Hope its the latter. No version should be compromised for the sake of the other.

And I think it would be more appropriate to compare crysis 2 to Kz3. I mean crysis 2 isnt even out yet and kz2 has been king for over a year now

Oldsnake0073141d ago

Well it should look better. It comes out 2 years after Killzone 2.

But it doesnt Oo

gta28003141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Everyone knows Crysis 2 will look better than Killzone 2. It will require some really high specs to run it, so what do you expect? But the fact that Killzone 2 is being compared to a really high end PC game just shows how much of a beast KZ2 is lol.

Greywulf3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Yet at every single chance, they are comparing the next contender to them.

You know all the BS you hear about the Unreal engine and others? Why is it that its never compared to Crysis?Hmmm.... Anyone?

Is.. Is this thing on??

(taps mic)

Raf1k13141d ago

This is stupid. Who would compare the visuals of an open world game to a linear one?

K2 still looks great but even if Crysis didn't look as good (I think it looks better) it would still be more impressive considering how much more needs to be processed.

raztad3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )


To tell the true. UC2 got a LOT of love from the media and it was regarded as the best looking game.

KZ2 is another thing though. Nobody compares MW2 visuals with Crysis and still some sites out there scored it with a perfect 10/10, like KZ2 didnt exit.


Who said Crysis is openworld? Thats Crysis ONE. The sequel is pretty much linear.

divideby03141d ago

some are just so lame....
cyrsis is about 2 years newer than better be better than KZ.....
just shows you were the bar was set...its not being compared to Halo or MW...

mabreu3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Love how Killzone 2 is being compared to a game that uses the latest (and very expensive) PC hardware. Of course Crysis 2 will look more detailed. Duh!

Killzone 2 still owns in console graphics. Lets see them compare Crysis to ME2 or MW2.

Death24943141d ago

those aren't console screens. The one where he's on the left on of the screen holding the gun is PC

JBaby3433141d ago

I'm a lot more interested in seeing Crysis 2 in motion on consoles as screenshots just aren't a very good measure for a game. We never play screenshots so I would rather see how they run compared to eachother.

Mista T3141d ago

Killzone 2 was completed at the end of 2008, 2 years later and it's still being compared to and trying to be beaten graphically, yet crysis 2 on consoles falls a bit short yet it's the closest any game has coming to surpass KZ2.

props to crysis 2 but Killzone 2 is still the victor

Greywulf3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

UC2 was just at the point to where they couldn't nitpick and complain anymore, they would be stupid to try to downplay it. PS3 tech is always winning awards at GDC, but its just the recognition that nonsense gets and pretending theres no technological difference in these titles. Its as clear as day UC2 is amazing, I'm not giving anyone credit or props for finally telling the TRUTH from the media, when They've thrown everything else under the bus.

We all know KZ2 and these games are amazing technological sites, but I just hate how in one h and you have people downplaying KZ2 as "well its grey and uh, textures suck so.. thats why the Unreal Engine is better" then when they wanna show off how amazing something is, they don't use the unreal engine titles.

UC2 was undeniable. They nitpicked UC1 to hell, they came back, and hell followed.

All I'm really saying is that its funny to see that PS3 tech has to go through all these hurdles and qualifications to be superior to unreal engine titles, or to get anyone to acknowledge it, yet its always the first to compare new gaming technology to. People pretend KZ2 and Unreal Engine games are "CLOSE" come review time you know? But apparently not close enough to Compare to Crysis/2.

sid4gamerfreak3141d ago

"KZ2 looks better"

I agree, I do not know why Crysis 2 is even on the consoles, it should have remained a pc exclusive.

Now what I would like to compare is crysis vs crysis 2 on the PC. Thats where the graphical might of the game is truly shown.

xTruthx3141d ago

They picked really bad quality screens for kz2.

finbars753141d ago

Plzzz share what you are smoking.Crysis2 looks cartoony and killzone2 looks stunning in every way.On the pc it will look awsome but they have to downgrade it for the consoles which only makes me wonder how bad this will look.Killzone3 will only raise the bar higher when it comes out even though killzone2 is pretty hard to beat on its own.

goflyakite3141d ago

Nice to see PS3 games are comparable to PC games. :)

sikbeta3141d ago

KZ2 is Beast, I mean, Come on, they're Comparing Crysis, the game with "da best graphicz eva" with KZ2, I'm so Glad, it makes KZ2 even more Awesome and everyone needs to consider that KZ2 came out Last Year, Definitely, KZ2 is a Beast...

kneon3141d ago

once again we are arguing over sub HD screen shots, at least some of which are from cut scenes (the last one has Sev in it).

It's a worthless discussion until we have in game video to compare, not screen shots and cut scenes.

I love Killzone 2, I was playing again today, but if Crysis 2 doesn't look better after having had an extra couple of years and given their history then it's an epic fail for them. We'll see soon enough.

Perkel3141d ago

sorry to announce but those crysis screenshoots are BS proved by B3Dforum. Especially second one with photoshopped nanosuit guy

UnwanteDreamz3141d ago

Only KZ2 can contend. Looks like the new Crysis game will have to wait till KZ3 to have another game to compair it to.

gaffyh3141d ago

These are bad images for Crysis 2, KZ2 looks significantly better in the first and second shot. In 3 and 4 Crysis 2 looks better, but not by much.

mal_tez923140d ago

Killzone 2 won't look as good, but will be a lot more fun.

3140d ago
morganfell3140d ago

Regardless of which you think is better, this article proves two things.

One, Killzone 2 is the unquestionable console graphics champ. Strange how you don't even see another PC game in the running either.

Two, 360 fans are so desperate they will resort to a PC game that isn't even out yet in a last ditch attempt to top Killzone 2.

Be warned, this comparison won't do you any good when you see Killzone 3...

JokesOnYou3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

When KZ2 was released a year ago I remember commenting like most everybody else that GG games had indeed outdonne themselves in the graphics dept, nalmost reaching the infamous cgi trailer, credit where credit is due. The reason KZ2 is being compared to Crysis is because its been the best graphics on consoles so far, UC2 looks fantastic, on the 360 ME2 looks amazing, but KZ2 still has the edge so far other games are comparable but their not released yet, GoW3 definitely is going to look badass but realisticly although the art style combined with the epic scale of the set pieces are mind blowing, it still doesnt trump KZ2 in sheer graphics, which has alot to do again with Kz2 going for a more realistic approach vs GoW3 being more fantasy. Now again credit where credit is due, ya got to hand it to the devs for each of these repective games but lets not kid ourselves Crysis 2 is definitely setting the bar higher when it comes to graphics, other games coming for both consoles are pretty damm close too. Good times. Great games.

Why are gamers so amazed, this happens all the time, and every gen prior to now....typical stuff in gaming.


HolyOrangeCows3140d ago

Show me a $300 computer that could run Killzone 2 on the same settings that the PS3 does.

nycredude3140d ago

Is this Crysis on consoles or PC?

MEsoJD3140d ago

I maybe a ps3 fanboy but I also game on PC and I'm telling you right

now that you cant compare the graphics of crysis and killzone 2.

Killzone 2 does look better than alote of pc games out there but not


Oner3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Seems ALOT of people have forgotten how good KZ2 actually looks and plays...that's okay! Here are some better (clearer & without grain) direct feed (though still resized) in game captures & animations that show Killzone 2 in preview code & gold code to help fix that ;)



And one just for fun ~

Disagree all you want. These pics are factual and representative of the game.

inveni03140d ago

I recently just repurchased Killzone 2. Killzone's biggest strength is not visible with screenshots, and that's because it all has to do with lighting and post processing. Crysis might push more polygons and higher-res textures (particularly because it's primary platform is PC), but when it comes to surrounding you with a firefight, Crysis can't touch Killzone. The way the light reflects and casts beams and everything in Killzone is just way more awesome than what Crysis uses. But Crysis certainly presents better screenshots and more realistic environments.

Bottom line, is that these are too very different games when it comes to art styles, and that's why for one you can find a screenshot where the other looks better.

For me, though, Killzone 2 is probably the best FPS I've played since COD4. And I probably like it better than COD4 because COD4 was too "teenagery". I felt more like a man playing Killzone 2.

commodore643140d ago


Kz2 on ps3 looks like a pixellated mess compared to those crysis 2 screens.

I find it a funny state of affairs when the ps3 fanboys on this site deliriously cling to their 'teh kz2 is better than crysis2' delusion, as seen above.


MNicholas3140d ago

Environment Geometry: Killzone 2
Particles & Effects: Killzone 2
Lighting: Killzone 2
Shadows: Killzone 2
Character Geometry: Killzone 2
Motion Blur: Killzone 2
Resolution: Crysis 2 (based on the bullshots in the comparison)

Lich1203140d ago


Hmmm, well some of those things you listed really aren't true. Im going to base this on the first crysis since crysis 2 hasn't come out. Everything in Killzone 2 is static (environment-wise) where as cysis as destructable, just something to keep in mind. Also, there was far more environment geometry in Crysis. As for characters im not sure. I know crysis had around 10k, cant find any figures on KZ2 but I know marcus from Gears has 15k and Crysis definitely looks better than gears so poly's don't mean everything.

Lighting-wise, one could argue maybe that KZ2 had better atmospheric lighting, but as far as realism Crysis wins out. Real time calculation of world lighting is technically superior. Does it mean it looks better? Thats a personal decision.

Also, I can't believe Im posting in this flame war but Im amazed at how little credit Crysis is getting in these forums. Or maybe Im not surprised?

Anon19743140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

It's been awhile since I finished Killzone 2 and I had somewhat forgotten just how jaw dropping it really was in motion. Oner just reminded me how great that game truly was. I think it'll get another play through from me just as soon as I'm done God of War III. And the good version of Final Fantasy. And the good version of Dragon Age. And Heavy Rain. And I still haven't played the superior version of Batman: AA which has been sitting on my coffee table since launch. And another run through Uncharted 2. And I've got to get those all in before Agent, Last Guardian, Max Payne 3 and GT5. And I'd still like to give MAG and Demons Souls a play.

It's hard to find the time to go back and replay fantastic games like Killzone 2 when they just keep hitting them out of the park on the PS3! Too much to play! Boy howdy! :)

shadow27973140d ago

A lot of inconsistency in those Crysis shots. The first shot looks awful. Which probably means that's a console screen. Killzone wins there.

In all the others, I'd have to give the edge to crysis 2.

But I have no idea which ones are PC, console, photoshopped? (as stated above), this doesn't really tell me anything except that Killzone 2 looks good.

By the way, I hate seeing screens from KZ2 outside of first-person view. When you do that, you strip away all the awesome post-processing effects which really make Killzone stand out. Not to mention people usually end up including multiplayer screens by mistake.

Tachyon_Nova3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Lol at all you PS3 fanboys, those are actually PS3 screenshots (of Crysis 2)you are viewing, as shown in PTOM. I can't believe you people actually can look at those comparisons and think KZ2 looks better. The nanosuit model is WAY more detailed than KZ2 characters, enviros in Crysis 2 look great, while in KZ2 they are bland and fuzzy. Lighting in Crysis 2 and surely all CryEngine 3 games is simply incomparable to any other game, so I don't know what you are all seeing there.

Now i'd like to have a rant aimed at what is to be honest, a very easy and mentally unstable target.

I'm getting really sick of PS3 owners (all of us seem to fanboys, even those of us who only own like 3 games) to be quite frank, to the point were I might actually no longer admit to owning one when talking to other gamers, because you guys are just obscenely ridiculous.

GOW III realy isnt that impressive in terms of graphics, low poly enviro objects, blury textures etc. Sure its on huge scale, but that doesnt make it look good. UC2 is impressive but again, not that much better than the first, which isnt much better than other third person shooters. Every time a PS3 exclusive is released, its OMG look at the graphics. Seriously, I payed $AU700 for my PS3, and it still hasnt managed to display anything that looks better than what my $AU970 PC, which i bought before PS3 was released, can produce running Crysis/Warhead. Nothing matches it!!! You guys are just blind ignorant little weeds.

And before you say I'm just a PC or 360 fanboy. Let me ask you this, I own 36 games for my PS3, 13 of them exclusive, how many do you own?

pixelsword3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

...Now, shouldn't *this* tell you how well-done Killzone 2 is, for those who've never seen it in person?

At any rate, now I can't wait even more for Crysis 2, Halo: Reach, and Killzone 3; or better know as FPS heaven on each respective platform.

Doink3140d ago

This article makes easy to see how many many more PS3 fanboys are in N4G. Of course they can defend their lovely console is just that sometimes they can't see admit the true. Crysis-->All in graphics, in gameplay both are boring in single player, super repetitive crap with like 6 kinds of enemies, so both are equal in that.

Jamegohanssj53140d ago

Woot let's compare PC screens to PS3 screens.


3140d ago
darkmurder3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Can anyone tell me how a game which can't even be 1080P look better than a game which has antialiasing and is capable of 1080P? Sorry even Crysis 1 looks better.

Screenshots look better? Oh wait they're not in 1080P are they... HD my ass its only sub HD. Wait when some 1080P screens come out then compare it to the sub par 720P capable game which has LOADING SCREENS for an fps I mean come on.

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MGOelite3141d ago

killzone 2 looks better on these screens but ill wait for final game (

avengers19783141d ago

I'll take KZ2 over Crysis 2 any day of the week. Anyone here think the first Crysis was good, because it wasn't, it really sucked.

Shaka2K63140d ago

Killzone > crysis.


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3140d ago

...i DON'T have to WAIT for Next-Gen looking games like the ChavBots&ModBots have to WAIT for that 'CryMeARiver Engine 3' er Engine Games!!! ;-D

+ Crysis 2, Crysis, Cry Engine 3 etc etc...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz BORING!!! ;-D

God_Of_Epicness3140d ago

No it doesn't. Mind you. I too don't like Crysis 1. It was BORING but those Killzone graphics isn't even in the same caliber as Crysis 2's.

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djtek1843141d ago

Killzone 2 looks better, crysis looks alright but not great.

kevinx10003141d ago

crysis doesn't look great?

dalibor3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Regardless of what anybody thinks Killzone 2 gives Crysis 2 a run for it's money. Which is better? Probably Crysis 2 overall but damn Killzone 2 def. is no slacker either. Now lets compare Crysis, Crysis 2, Killzone 2 & Halo Reach, the thing is compare the games when they are ALL completed, no pre release bs now. Bulletproof shields up, this thread is going to be crazy lol.

spunnups3141d ago

Are these screenshots of Crysis 2 from the PC version or the Console version?

Death24943141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

I just watched a video of the Cryengine2 tech demo and it looks amazing running at 60fps. I'll post a link to it. You have to watch it in HD. The thing is, out of both of the console, it's looks better on ps3. But Killzone 2 looks real good too when you have a 120hz tv so it will run it at 60fps too. I think it ultimately goes to Killzone 2 though.

Watch in HD. Ps3 on the left and 360 on the right

dalibor3141d ago

Not really sure. Probably pc, I could be wrong but if that's from consoles then which one?

sikbeta3141d ago

KZ2 came out Last Year and People are Comparing it with Crysis 2, that's make you understand how Amazing KZ2 is, I'm so glad with this, it makes KZ2 even More Awesome

inveni03140d ago

That's a good point. Why doesn't anyone ever compare Crysis to 360 exclusives? Is it that obvious?

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led10903141d ago

wait a min...killzone 2 looks better? Are you ppl really that blind or are you too biased to accept it that crysis really owns kz2

Pennywise3141d ago

Look at the screen shot when you click the link. If you say Crysis looks better, you are kidding yourself.

WildArmed3141d ago

lol I'm not sure how unbiased you'd be if u called all the shots of crysis 2 were better than Killzone 2.

Bcoz clearly in some of them they both stand out very well..

The only in the last shot can i call Crysis 2 better (sev's face looks weird here)

Other than that, I think it's a matter of art style preference.
Bionic suit vs soldiers?

GiantEnemyCrab3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

"Are you ppl really that blind or are you too biased "

Probably a little from column A and a little from column B.

It's not even a competition however and I totally agree that Crysis rolls KZ2 in a blunt and smokes it. These Crysis 2 shots look better than KZ2 as well are they from the PC or is from an actual console build is what I wonder.

sikbeta3141d ago

It doesn't matter which game looks Better, KZ2 came out last year and today still can be a Contender for Crysis 2, I don't see other article Comparing Another Game with Crysis, KZ2 really set Bar and people can't deny that...

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Dylantalon13141d ago

here we go again . people will never learn that ps3 top exclusives are above all when it comes to having the best graphics for consoles. crysis 2 looks good but all we've seen are flipping screen shots. i know a lot of people are holding their breath for the console versions of crysis 2 to look as good as the pc version but theyre delusional. PS3 IS THE MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE EVER--> FACT. i know some people cant accept that and the exclusive games clearly shows it. silly fanboys are graphics whores but still holds on to some hope that after 5 years the boX will show that it's up to the ps3s level hardware wise. its the same people that say blu ray is unnecessary and was forced onto people . i cant wait for E3 to see the next level of graphics the playstation 3 can dish out to the nation.