Skate: Ingame Shaky Cam Video (7:41 minutes long)

Here is a leaked video of Skate gameplay played on the Xbox360.

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masterg4178d ago

Looks like a simulation compared with Tony Hawk.
I think Tony is in for a hard battle with this one.

DarkJedi4178d ago

It might just be my opinion, but it didn't look as enjoyable to actually play tho. I'm all for simulation, but there is always a point it can be taken a step too far.

Krimson4178d ago

This is looking better then I expected. Definitely looking forward to more of a sim approach to a skating game.

Mal Reynolds4178d ago

While on the board the physics look ok, but once the skater falls they seem to jump back a generation or two. I want realistic falls here. There was one fall early on where his legs should have been dangling off a ledge...unfortunately they were straight like a board in the middle of the air. Hopefully this gets fixed before release.