Uncharted Drake's Fortune: Exclusive French PSM Interview

Here is an exclusive interview with Christophe Balstre, co-president of Naughty dog, answering questions about Uncharted: Drake's Fortune itself, as well as the PS3's destiny.

"Q : Until now, we have only seen the jungle, are there going to be other environments/locations in the game ?
CB : Be cool, the game includes many other locations. there is for instance un spanish fortress and some old temples. The jungle being the location the hardest to model, we spent a huge amount of time on it at the beginning of the development. this is why the main part of the communication was made on this one.

Q : Can we expect a trilogy as for Jak & Daxter ?
CB : Our goal is to create an universe as coherent than exciting. Even if we don't have in mind the number of episodes in mind, it is certain that drake's fortune will get a sequel. This is for the main reason that the development of the first opus is so long, as the bases must be really strong so the adventure can continue, and more so justified."

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(Credit goes to natureman3 of PS3forums for the translation.)

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techie4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Whole translation now edited.

masterg4220d ago

"Truly speaking, i think we only use 30% of the cell capacities"

"I think that if today the difference between xbox360 and ps3 is slim, you must expect a real technical jump in the coming years. Sony has engineered a wonderful console; let’s just tell you i love it"

I like where this is going. I'm sure that we will see games looking better than we thought were possible in this Gen in the coming years.
Who knows it might even happen as soon as E3.

iDieFasT4220d ago

i mean, how come so many developers even after years of working with the hardware are still saying they can only get 30% or so from the cell. I'm begininng to think the RSX is a big bottleneck and as a result we may never really see what the cell can really do. Maybe thats why their racing games are somewhat better than the xbox 360 also since there is so much physics they use for the cell that it freeees up the RSX. i don't know but hopefully things will turn around for sony...

redmamoth4220d ago

.. The futures bright for PS3 owners...

Nicosia4220d ago

^^ yeah that was the best part. Read it happy until:
Q : Can we expect a full HD / 60 fps version ?
CB : Drake’s fortune will be 720p and 30 fps; We started development on this base and what is important for us, is that action and realization is on par with our targets. And i think that once immersed in the adventure, this norms are good enough. But this does not mean that our future productions will be on these norms.

Not to be a b*tch..but..30 :(

Annihilator4220d ago

NGS in 1080p/60fps is awesome !

wildcat4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

They're already using their team and resources to jampack every detail with thousands of animations, simulate realistic water effects, custom shaders and all of this technical stuff, and it's only their first go on PS3. I think it's better to have a locked, steady framerate then to have to use different means to get 60fps, possibly risking delaying the game from its launch period or cutting things out to make it work.

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