New Nintendo Handheld: Should We Wait Two Years?

DualShockers writes, "Lately, rumors have been swirling around about a new Nintendo handheld. They're talking about how powerful it will be and what the system will look like. They are also suggesting that it may be coming as soon as by the end of this year. This is where my biggest concern lies, should I wait or not? It has only happened with the past two generations of Nintendo handhelds, and certainly two doesn't equal a trend, but it definitely has me wondering..."

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Hitman07693141d ago

The author poses a great question indeed, how should gamers react to the strategies of big gaming companies?

Hitman07693141d ago

I am wondering the same thing about Nintendo Wii right now...

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3141d ago

If the new DS was only a small improvement (like the jump from a DS Lite to a DSi) then I would definitely wait, but it sounds like the difference between the next DS and the current models is going to be huge, so I bet a lot of people will buy one without hesitation.

Hisiru3141d ago

Well, look:
PSP 1000 (Fat)
PSP 2000 (Slim)
PSP 3000

DS Fat
DS Lite

I think it's the way to keep your handheld selling for a long time before you can release a completely new handheld. I don't think we can blame Nintendo or Sony, I will buy the first model if I have the money and I will sell the first model and buy the second if I am interested on it.

STK0263141d ago

This applies to pretty much everything. I bought my PS3 on launch, same with my 360, my PSP-1000 and my DS. 2-3 years after I buy my PS3, the slim is announced for half the price (w/o BC though) and half the size; around the same time, I bought a new 360 due to reliability issues and HDD (took an elite); I have replaced my DS by a Lite and replaced the latter by a DSi late last year; and for the PSP, I replaced it for a 2000 (which I still own) and a Go, all of these were bought for a lesser price than their original form (cept for the Go...) and came with major improvements.

Sure, when the next DS or the next PSP for that matter, arrives on the market, you can skip it hoping to get the next version, but in the end, you'll still get "screwed" as there will likely be a third and a fourth version of it, and if you wait for the last one, you'll also be missing on years of entertainment and possibly some of the best games available for the system (finding Nocturne and DDS 1 and 2 was much easier at release than years later on eBay...)

Ninferno3141d ago

awesome article!!!! WOW AMAZING!

iiprotocolii3141d ago

I'm going to consume large quantities of sugar just to have that same energy you have.

As for waiting two years, I say yes. Nintendo is dropping handhelds like they should be dropping games on the Wii. And I'm not talking about Pony Princess games - *good* games.

Hisiru3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

To be fair, Sony also released 4 PSP models just like Nintendo and the Pony Princess games has nothing to do with Nintendo (you can blame Ubisoft), but yes, Nintendo has a bad third party support.

JoelT3141d ago

if you're always waiting for version 2.0 or 3.0 you wind up never buying anything and simply missing out. Ask any Apple fanboy about that, they should be able to explain it better.

Hitman07693141d ago

That makes a lot of sense.

Ninferno3141d ago

true, but i think thats different. Video games dont come out as often as iPods or lets just go as broad as a computer. with the gameboy in retrospect, the obvious choice was to wait for the SP, and again with the DS and DS lite, not so much with the DSi though.

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