6.0 Metal Slug XX Review "Metal Slug XX isn't a bad game by any means. One can tell that SNK Playmore put a lot of work into the sprite-based graphics and fine-tuned the enemy placement for the most part. However, this being the seventh game in the series, more of the same old isn't enough. Metal Slug XX is still stuck in the arcade mentality where control issues and a lack of depth are considered "features". Because of this, only the hardcore fans and those with nostalgia for the Metal Slug series can truly enjoy the game."

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Hardedge3137d ago

Hm I think Anthology's probably the better deal here.

mephman3137d ago

Seems pretty similar to all the previous Metal Slug games...

jammers3137d ago

metal slug was always a fun arcade game, but bad controls on a psp can definitely be a make it or break it sort of issue.

ShawnCollier3136d ago

Yeah, especially on the harder difficulties, since things get really hectic.

Coramoor_3137d ago

i wonder how well these games sell, cause they just keep on making them

maniacmayhem3137d ago

for SNKP to knuckle up, throw down and put some HD hand drawn effort and release a full fledge Metal Slug three play co-op for XBL/PSN!