190° to Rival Steam?

The Escapist cornered Rob Pardo at the GDC 2010 to ask if Blizzard has plans to license to third parties.

Rob Pardo responded it's a theme the team has talked about and basically would be a lot of work and a challenge on their end to maintain. It would also represent a somewhat competitive platform for Blizzard giving the example that if Blizzard was to release a game and a third party game was on sale at the same time.

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Dorjan3229d ago

doubt it, although steam needs a few things fixed imo >.>

Leord3229d ago

Yeah, I agree. time will tell.

However, you never know for sure with blizzard now when they are in kahoots with ActiBobbyKotick

Montrealien3229d ago

Well, like steam, has a few great franchises to get rolling as a portal for games, so time will tell.

I am willing to bet as many people have that have steam, and only has Blizzard games, then again Steam only had Valve games when it started.

wicko3229d ago

I would avoid it just because of the fact that Activision would stick their dirty little hands in it.

Gestalt3229d ago

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Activision really did make the effort to turn Bnet into their own version of Steam.

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Eoweniel3229d ago

I doubt Steam is on par with but I dunno. Perhaps it's cause I'm biased.

Cogo3229d ago does seem superior. I agree.

King Klear3229d ago

I haven't actually used steam yet, so I can't tell

XxRoosterxX3229d ago

If Blizzard tries to make a service like Steam it would be interesting for many reasons. The one I find most compelling is that one will have all of Blizzards games and the other will have all of Valves games.

I personally like Valve a bit more than Blizzard but an improved BattleNet is welcome. I wouldn't really like for them(BattleNet) to start selling games like Steam either, mainly because Blizzard has ties to Activision...

King Klear3229d ago

Didn't they say at some point that they are aiming for something a little different from steam? I think it ws in one of the singleplayer reveal interviews...

Recka3229d ago

Wouldn't mind it, though to me has always been a Blizzard only thing..

King Klear3229d ago

Yeah, they probably won't want to have their new soiled by poor quality titles from inferior developers. BTW, I'm not even being ironic right now

Leord3229d ago

I can see the conflict of interest thing be the main problem.

Interesting how he doesn't turn the thought right down, however!

King Klear3229d ago

Somebody should write a short story about the world 20 years n the future where mankind is decimated by a long war of these two services. Or maybe something terminator-like from th time, when 5.0 has beaten all opposition and enslaved mankind.

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The story is too old to be commented.