New videos and images of XCM XFPS Storm Light Gun for PC

DCEmu Reviews has received new pics and videos of XCM's XFPS Storm Light Gun for the PC. It will be available March 17, 2010 and retail for about $99.99.

XFPS Storm Light Gun brings first person shooters to a whole new experience. With the XFPS Storm, you can snipe your foes with precision aiming using this unique light gun. No more keyboard, no more mouse and having to rest your wrist with point and click. Simply point and shoot.

The Storm will support CRT, LCD, Plasma, DLP as well as Projector. It supports every gun shooting game on PC. Storm can be upgraded via software and is compatible with Windows XP, Window Vista and Windows 7 operating system. Now you can enjoy gun shooting games with your LCD, Plasma or any other display you have.

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Letros3191d ago

Kinda cool, but...yet again nothing replaces a mouse for top quality shooting.

zootang3191d ago

Looks a little too much like the time crisis 4 gun

spdarksky3191d ago

Ermm...Looks interesting, but i'd rather wait for definitive review before i can make any decision.

usd99 is not a bad pricing point, as i bought myself a racing wheel and also a flight stick for that amount.

Let see how it turns out to be a looser or a winner. But anyway it really looks interesting and i'm looking forward for it.