A day in the life of Yoshitaka Amano

From : "I think no one will disagree if I say that Final Fantasy is one of the most successful franchises ever made. To date, there are now 12 titles to the Final Fantasy numbered series, one successful MMO, a couple of games for mobile phones, three anime productions, and two full-length CGI films. Surely, such massive success is a collaboration of a few smart minds. 1UP gives us a good look at one of those minds - Yoshitaka Amano, character designer of the first six FF games.

Of course, this 53-year old (54 by July 28 - a few days from now) Japanese was not a FF designer all his life. He first spent 15 years at Tatsunoko Productions, which is famous for Speed Racer, Gatchaman, and Neon Genesis Evangelion. He landed a spot designing characters for Final Fantasy when, after leaving Tatsunoko, his exhibits in New York City, Los Angeles, Germany, and Switzerland displayed a unique, delicate, and ethereal distinction.

His talents were not limited to the Final Fantasy series though. He also worked with Neil Gaiman on some Sandman title and also did some work for Marvel and DC Comics. Yet even though he's considered one of the most talented and in demand artists nowadays, he remains a humble and generous person as reflected in this documentation of a day spent by 1UP's James Mielke with the famed Japanese artist.

Read Mielke's interview and view the three installment videos of the "A Day in the Life of Yoshitaka Amano" docu by clicking on the link below."

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