Worthplaying: Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing with Banjo-Kazooie Review

WP writes: "The (good) kart racer is a sub-genre that seems to be missing from this console generation. Since the introduction of Super Mario Kart in the 16-bit era, every console generation has had a good kart racing game for just about every available console. Nintendo has always had Mario to fall back on while the PlayStation family and the Xbox had the Crash racers. In this console generation, however, only the Nintendo Wii has had a good kart racing title with Mario Kart Wii. With no other game on the market providing that magical spark to make them fun, PS3 owners without native backward compatibility on their systems for PS2 games have had to deal with the PSOne classics like Crash Team Racing or Speed Punks while waiting for ModNation Racers to arrive. Meanwhile, Xbox 360 owners who are still waiting for the XBLA release of Joy Ride have also had to dig back to their previous generation to play Crash Nitro Kart."

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