3D Juegos | Metro 2033 Review

3D Juegos: Atrocious,challenging and engaging. An epic adventure of human survival, misery and nuclear death.

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Letros3196d ago

"In addition to the most powerful computer, Quad Core, 4 GB of RAM and GeForce GTX260, we have obtained outstanding performance with all visual options maximized, and even with DirectX 10 support the game responds very efficiently."

Why did the other review claim it was poorly optimized, and mark down for it, this PC in this review is pretty mediocre.

3195d ago
k-Lan3195d ago

Thanks! Do you have it on PC or 360?

3195d ago
k-Lan3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Thanks! Awesome news!!! The game looks sooooooooo awesome!

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k-Lan3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

Another 9! I would love an IGN or Gamespot review today. I really wanna make sure this games good before i buy it tomorrow.

BeaArthur3195d ago

The only problem is that I have seen only 2 reviews. First from an Xbox magazine/publication and now from a website I am totally unfamiliar with. I wouldn't get my hopes up. I'm not saying it's going to be bad, but we are only 1 day before its release and it has only 2 reviews. Not a good sign.

N4PS3G3195d ago

This is a relative small title and the embargo ends to be expected

BeaArthur3195d ago

N4PS3G...maybe, but don't be surprised if it ends up with a meta score in the low 8's high 7's.

k-Lan3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

IMO Metacritic is crap because of all the biased sites. I'll be waiting for IGN or Gamespot like i mentionned above. If this game scores anywhere in the 8's (low or high) it's mine! Anybody know how many hours this game will take to beat?

As for the reviews coming out late. This game came out of nowhere. It has/had no hype behind it. I've seen this happen to many games before in the past. Late reviews don't mean squat when it comes to what score they'll receive.

N4PS3G3195d ago

ermm so? do you think i expect 10's & high 9's from a no name company game with no previous high profile releases? I fully expect this game to be in the 8's sos sorry but i won't be surprised ;)

Aphe3195d ago

Can't say I hold too much faith in a metacritic score, I prefer a few reviews from sites I can trust really. Besides, the only review that counts in the end is your own. I like the look of this game so far from what I've seen though, so I'll probably pick it up anyway.

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chak_3195d ago

hm, I'd like a test with ATI just to make sure this NVIDIA partnership isn't as bad as pretended

Gamer7l3195d ago

It actually says "Awful" in the review headline. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.