Video Games vs. Crack

Amy Nelson at Goozer Nation tackles the age-old question "Which Is Worse: Video Games or Crack?"

"......Availability is key to addiction. You can't very well get hopped up on something if you can't find it, can you? I've heard it said that crack is everywhere, in every city and every town. But if that's the case then somebody's going to have to show me where. I am in a city right now, looking at a street corner, and I can't for the life of me find any crack. I'm pretty sure that if you actually want to buy crack you have to skulk around unwashed in the dark, looking for somebody named Tito to "hook you up." Video games, on the other hand, really are available any time you want them. You can even order them online, while playing WoW, and have them delivered right to your door. If there's an Amazon for crack, I haven't heard of it....."

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kube003165d ago

Wow could be crack, soon I'll have to find a creepy guy on the street offering free internet.

averyzoe3164d ago

Nothing's free, man! :)