1UP: Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

1UP writes:

"This time next year, we will have the choice between playing in a galaxy far far away, or exploring space, the final frontier. And as fun as Star Trek Online is right now (yes, even with the bugs), most sci-fi MMO fans are aware of the powerhouse that is Star Wars: The Old Republic. After all, BioWare's making the game, it's Star Wars, and did we mention that BioWare is making it? As rocky as Star Trek Online's start has been, it looks to contain one facet that won't be in The Old Republic: having your own starship. Though, that looks like it'll be STO's only real draw (besides the license) once The Old Republic ships early next year. Even in its in-development state, TOR is sporting quite a few features that STO will have to play catch-up to between now and TOR's release. BioWare is working on adding a whole new method of storytelling in an MMO (via NPC interactions, branching dialogue trees, a morality system, etc.), and is looking to reclaim the crown of "franchise sci-fi MMO" from the final frontier, thanks in no small part to the already-well done features below."

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