Top 10 Video Game Endings

The Video Game Ending. It's what every gamer seeks when playing the game. Gamers spend hours trying to conquer a game just to be able to see the resolution of their whole adventure or lack thereof.

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MountainMaverick3191d ago

Would have liked to see the ending for Chrono Trigger at number 1, but nevertheless, this is a pretty good list. (Although I didn't understand the inclusion of Star Fox, especially over games like Deus Ex, or Final Fantasy X. Whatever. Good read.

Hixon4Life3191d ago

I would have included a few more newer games. Seriously, Grand Theft Auto....Halo....Those were absolutely EPIC ENDINGS!

blitz06233191d ago

So where is MGS4? Seriously, as cheesy as it may have looked, that ending is one of the most epic conclusions I have ever seen.

Cenobia3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )


Didn't that game end with a phone call? Pretty crappy ending in my opinion. Also it had the worst end sequence I have ever experienced. I still think the last mission was glitched for first person driving view. I drove the boat sequence about 50 times PERFECTLY and I only actually caught the helicopter when I finally did it in 3rd person.

I have never been so break-your-controller angry at a game in my life.

The other ending was better, but I had problems with that games plot overall, so in my opinion it was "okay".

cranium3191d ago

To be honest, MGS3 was my favourite MGS ending. I felt so sad :(

nachokingp3191d ago

The site hosting the list is an old-school game site, so the list is of old school games. That's why there are no "modern" games included.

bruddahmanmatt3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

MGS1, MGS3, FFX and FF: Tactics all come to mind. I loved how MGS1 had an alternate ending, both of which came with a powerful message. MGS3 was simply epic and flat out shames MGS4. FFX had a powerful ending which was almost completely undone by the happy but cheesy ending of FFX-2. Final Fantasy Tactics...the ending to this game defines the term "epic". I absolutely loved the story to FFT and think that it is one of the most underrated and underappreciated games of all time.

barom3191d ago

I thought FFXII's ending was awesome. That is (sadly) when the story really took off (after being paused for a looong time).

ryano232773190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Hitman Blood Money (the one where you are dead)?
GTA San Andreas?
God of War 2?

Not sure if they are old school enough though.

Cheeseknight283190d ago

*some minor GOW2 and MGS4 spoilers*


You are absolutely right. MGS4's ending is quite inferior to it's predecessor, though MGS4's ending wasn't terrible. I will say that as a whole MGS3 was much better than MGS4, but that's simply because I didn't care for half the unresolved issues in the game being explained by nanomachines.


God of War II's ending was pretty mediocre. After seeing it for the third time, the cliffhanger was a huge letdown and just made you feel shameful rather than pumped to take down Olympus. It essentially ended with Kratos killing the only person he cared about, yet not caring one iota just a few minutes later. I know he is supposed to be a dark character, but that was just a bit too quick.

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Son of Odin3191d ago

Funny, out of 10 choices, I think 2 are from Playstation 1, and the rest are from the NES, or SNES. I would've liked to see a few more newer games on the list, even though all these were amazing endings. There's no denying that.

Stoneroses63003191d ago

As long as there's Contra, I'm good.

hombrehambre3191d ago

How does Contra have a good ending??

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