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Nearly a decade has passed since the world was introduced to Perfect Dark and, thankfully, a whole new audience of gamers will be able to play this masterpiece again via Xbox Live Arcade. While the main audience of the game will be those who played the original version back in 2000, the re-release of the title via XBLA allows for younger gamers to try it out and see what the entire buzz is about. Retailing for the low price of 800 MS Points ($10), Perfect Dark is back and ready for some action. Featuring updated HD graphics and online multiplayer, it's time to revisit our friend Joanna Dark in her prime.

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VegaShinra3144d ago

Wed cant come soon enough!

killyourfm3144d ago

It's a funny thing. Despite the graphical sheen put over a game i was OBSESSED with, Im just worried I'll be let down now that all this time has passed.

Sometimes nostalgia is much more enjoyable in our heads than on screen.