Justified: Why You Need Yakuza 3 In Your PS3 Collection

PushSquare: "We've been playing Yakuza 3 this weekend and have fallen in love. We're in head-over-heels admiration for Sony's risky Japanophile experiment. But why's it so good? Well ahead of our review (check back mid-week for that), we wanted to justify the reasons why you should rush out to your local game store and pick up this under-rated gem right now."

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luiti13139d ago

when i heard about cuts i was pretty much mad that they didnt annonce it was 21 side quests so i bought it anyway and heck ive been playin it for more than 20 hours so many quests to do so many mini games to play so yeah the series hasnt falled.

himdeel3139d ago

...because otherwise I wouldn't get the play the game at all. I'm definitely picking it up at the end of the month. Hopefully the sales are good and they decide to import Yakuza 4. Otherwise I hope they just add English subtitles to Yakuza 4 and English language option screens.

Homicide3139d ago

This game is awesome even with a lot of stuff cut out. I'm having more fun doing all the side missions and mini-games than playing the main story. The story starts off slow, but it's pretty charming and touching. The characters are well-developed, and Kazuma is a total badass. This is Shenmue reincarnated.

spunnups3139d ago

Going to pick this up after I play all the blockbuster hits. Don't worry Yakuza, i won't forget about you.