OXM: Call of Duty 7 - Five Things We Want To See

OXM: While the Activision vs ex-Infinity Ward chiefs legal battle rumbles on, there's another Call of Duty title being cooked up behind the scenes.

That would be Call of Duty 7, rumoured to be set in Vietnam, which Activision confirmed is currently in development at Treyarch's studio.

That's all the information anyone has right now, as Treyarch has ensured that no news about the game has leaked out at all. At all. So where does this leave the game? Only Treyarch knows but here are five things we'd like to see eventually make it in...

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Pennywise3138d ago

#1 Call of Duty series go away for a few years.

dangert123138d ago

but while imk here i may aswel leave my thoughts

1,Cheaper R.R.P
2,Less to no glitches
3,All content on disk accesable from day 1 with no added price
4,Party chat in all game modes
5,Longer story mode
6,A proper COD In Full HD not just guns n charectar models
7,B.Kotick gets sack before realse no strings attached