E3 2007 Preview

GWN's latest feature details everything they know about E3 2007 up until this point,

"E3 has trimmed its fat, and I don't just mean some of the booth babes.

This year's E3 will admit only media and business partners, no longer allowing all the tiny stores and other people who finagle their way through the doors. That will essentially reduce attendance from more than 60,000 to less than 4,000. To prove how much leaner and less extravagant it can be, Entertainment Software Association (ESA) even changed the name from the "Electronic Entertainment Expo" (E3), to "E3 Media and Business Summit," driving home the refocused event.

It's really not that much of a coup, simply devolving the Expo back to its original intention: letting game companies gather to drink and conduct face-to-face business and alerting the media about all the great and wonderful videogames and gaming products being release in the next year (or so). By putting the focus on the news and not the hotties, huge monitors, thumping sound systems and multimillion dollar booths, expect this year's media coverage to be more about the games and the gear and less about the Expo itself."

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MK_Red4123d ago

Poor E3. Hopefully the E3 2007 surprises us all with its size and glory.

Vojkan4123d ago

hmm i think this way is better for 99% of console owners that were not able in past to attend any E3. Reasons:Live outside of USA, expensive traveling all the way to USA, it was limited to 50.000 people if i am not wrong and so on.
Now journalists will have more space and time to try all games(yes even the crappy ones)and give us/show us theirs impressions. Before it was impossible. If you wanted to try some game you had to wait 5 hours in line.
I have a feeling this will be better and lets not forget those that want to visit show like E3 can do it later this year, when new thing called E4 starts.