Codemasters Exec: PSP User Experience Not Right

Codemasters Studios VP Gavin Cheshire has some serious issues with Sony's PSP.

Specifically, he thinks that the user experience is rubbish and is threatening to stop people using the handheld.

"Well, speaking as a person who bought a PSP, the problem was that I always thought, because it was a better screen than iPod's, that I'd be doing more with it. But it was such a bollocking useless waste of space; just getting stuff on it was ridiculous. That was its downfall."

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mjolliffe3166d ago

330 degrees and no comments? Something's wrong here...

3166d ago
kwyjibo3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

It's got no comments, because it's a copy paste of a failed story, which had quite a lot of comments.

HolyOrangeCows3166d ago

With all of the wretched games they've released as of late, who are they to discuss quality of ANYTHING?

mrv3213166d ago

It's not a fanboy article PS3vs360 so no fanboys commenting...

RememberThe3573166d ago

Sony has handled the PSP as poorly as they could have. Every time I brace myself for Sony to finally support the system they completely drop the ball. There is not much software support outside of Sony's first party and all third parties can seem to do with it is try (and fail) to put console games on it.

Everyone I know who owns a PSP uses it for home brew or PS1 games. The system is a great piece of hardware but Sony has failed to get support for it on the software side and has added too few no gaming features to make up for it.

thehitman3166d ago

The stuff you can do w/ a psp its ENOURMOUS "psp bollocking useless waste of space" lolz... I wish I still had mine I either lost it or som1 stole it :/. Only thing that was a problem I remember w/ the psp was putting videos you had to convert it into the right format etc but besides that everything was good.

raztad3166d ago

My psp (besides gaming) is used for music and watching videos. Too bad I had PSP-200 version, it's quite big and no very portable. I would love to get a PSP Go but money is tight.

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