2K suffers BioShock DLC backlash

Accusations fly that post-release DLC for BioShock 2 is already sitting on the game disc.

Members of the 2K Games forum are up in arms this afternoon following accusations that recently released DLC for popular FPS BioShock 2 is in fact already sitting on the game disc.

The claims come after users spotted that the total size of the download for the PC version is just 24k and the Xbox 360's just 108k. The assets needed to play the content promised by the DLC would need a far heftier download, leading to the conclusion that players are in fact paying for a digital key to unlock content that's on the disc they've already paid for.

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dangert123228d ago

would whip the industrie into place

Excalibur3228d ago

Shame on you 2K.
Gamers need to speak with their $$$ (or lack there of) when Devs pull this crap.

chak_3228d ago

screw you 2K.

first no patch for NBA 2K10 PC version for 6 months (6 !!), and now this.

You really don't considere your customers do you?