Fake on-disc DLC is simply unacceptable. Agree?

It was claimed last week that publishing arm 2K Games had allowed Bioshock 2's DLC to be built during the full game's production process. The publisher allowed the DLC to be pre-loaded into the final build, and today is selling what are essentially unlock codes for the content.

Consumers are already up in arms about being sold access to data they have already purchased – yet a 2K representative said that pre-loading the data was necessary to ensure that the game's multiplayer base is not divided into the 'have' and 'have-nots'.

The new controversy is not the first time publishers and developers have been questioned on the practice of pre-loading DLC. With this in mind we ask:
Should the industry adopt a code of best practice that rules DLC is built only after the release of a game?

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tunaks13141d ago

i cant stand DLC,
why should I pay for small part of the game when i already own it,
Assassins Creed 2 anyone?

Saryk3140d ago

I disagree.I think that devs who create this DLC should be awarded financially for the effort they put in their game.

I think the main gripe about the whole thing was the DLC was on the disk, which is stupid.

They could have elected and not added it on the disk where the gamer would have to pay for it and download it. Is this the best practice, NO! But if they have the space and the DLC waiting when release day comes, why not save yourself and the customers some time and money. Very good business decision.

The Time Reaper3140d ago

Aside from a few instances, such as Rock Band, I think DLC has been majorly ... wrong, all generation.