What are the best PS3 games of all time?

CVG: Perhaps you'll be been blown away by God Of War 3 this Friday - or want to see Metal Gear Solid 4 take its place at the top of the tree.

Maybe Heavy Rain's love-it-or-hate-it approach does it for you - or perhaps Modern Warfare 2 is more your cup of tea.

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GR8 13192d ago

Best PS3 game so far is Modern Warfare 2.

3191d ago
stonecold13191d ago

exclusive to the ps3 uncharted 1, 2 killzone 2 little big planet motorstorm , motorstorm pacific rift demon souls eyepet , heavy rain gt5 prologue ratchet and clank heavenly sword god of war collection and rfom more games are coming exclusive to the ps3 like agent god of war 3 tlg killzone 3 rfom 3 motorstorm 3 final fantasy vs 13 socom 4 little big planet 2 if rumors are true same with eye pet 2 i would love to see the getaway3 eight days and eyeidentify get released hope to hear more about those other games at the e3 in the next mnths

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Briefcase Joe3191d ago

Don't know. Can't see into the future. A better title would have been Best PS3 games SO FAR.

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