Will PlayStation Get The "Real" MGS Titles, While "New Generation" Work Go Multiplatform?

Kojima does not shy away from his twitter account. He loves it and has been tweeting many things, including things about Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walking, saying that the former is created by a "new generation" and "will create new users" while the latter "is made by Hideo Kojima, a new but classical MGS".

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immortal843137d ago

is more attached to the PS brand i guess.

mjolliffe3137d ago

But he wants more people to experience the series - hence the decision to take it to PSP and Xbox 360 - so the PS3 isn't going to be a lone exclusive for a while I don't think.

A great franchise either way :)

captain-obvious3137d ago

he did take the true MGS to the PSP with the original MGS team
and left the spin-off multiplat to a new blood with no experience and no talent
heck it even on PC

so i dont know i think that MGR is just to get some cash

dangert123137d ago

if your only going to give use raiden and not solid snake it shows you are not commited to the platform...i would much rather play conviction

Cenobia3137d ago

MGS should be over.

They should have started a new Metal Gear series with different characters in my opinion. They wrapped it up pretty nicely, so I don't understand why they're keeping it going (besides the money they'll make).

Give the Metal Gear series to someone other than Kojima (freeing him from the hell that is an eternity of sequels) and start something new.

vhero3137d ago

@mjolliffe no he doesn't that's why he's not working on rising and doesn't want anything to do with it. However he has to put on a face as He doesn't own MGS he just invented it. I feel sorry for him in that way although its his baby he has no control over it. He could retre and leave the company and they could still pump out new MGS games without him.

Darrius Cole3137d ago


I thought Kojima retains a certain amount of control over all things Metal Gear.

IdleLeeSiuLung3137d ago

I'm saddened to see that Japanese developers don't embrace western consoles. It seems we all buy Asian products, but almost nobody over there buys western products.

AAACE53136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

That doesn't make sense! Why would they leave a game in the hands of a team with no experience or talent? You just sounded bad man!

Peace walker isn't as big or demanding ad MGS 4 was, so logically speaking, they split the team that made MGS 4 and sent them on different projects.

In other words, the team creating Rizing knows what the game should be like!

You should change your name, because that was so "OBVIOUS" i'm surprised you didn't catch it! :)

@Pennywise 2.3

I don't remember where I read it (I think on N4G) but kojima himself made the comment about bluray not having enough space to make the game he wanted to play! I remember cause people were making jokes about other disc formats like HVD and said the 500 Gb's would still make Kojima complain there wasn't enough space!

I don't know if you want to go looking for it, but that article was made before the game came out.

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-MD-3137d ago

future entries on the 360 will be based on how well Metal Gear Rising sells.

movements3137d ago

You have a good point Murderdolls...

THC CELL3137d ago

Mgs 5 will be a ps3 exclusive

MGr is a spin off

I want peace walker on ps3

Pennywise3137d ago

Disc size was still a problem with MGS4 and bluray. Please explain your rational? MGSR is a spin off... like most spin offs it probably won't be accepted into the MGS hall of fame, but only time will tell.

Motion3137d ago

I'm not sure if the gameplay style of MGS Rising has been announced yet, but based on the way Raiden fights, I'm assuming this game will be a metal gear spin off with gameplay similar to ninja gaiden. I could be completely wrong, but if you played MGS4, you know he's a ninja. After all, the game has the tag line "Lightning-bolt action", as opposed to the traditional "Tactical espionage action".

BYE3137d ago

If Microsoft wants this, they shouldn't use dated PC parts next gen.

starvinbull3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

That they would make a new MG based on Raiden demonstrates that they have obviously been bought.

When M$ anounced it they said guess what MGS is coming to 360! it was clearly a money oriented attempt to get a top PS brand even if only in name.
The part where I say "in name" is important because Halo ODST is a new Halo in name only, FF13 isn't the same as the PS3 version but as far as M$ are concerned they have nabbed the same game.

That is how they have fought this so called console war, by attempting to wear the clothes of Sony chipping away at every reason to own a PS3.
Wouldn't it be better that they focus on their first party studios and foster new IPs rather than constantly looking over their shoulder.

I would personally be much more likely to buy a 360 if all the money spent on getting multiplatform releases out of Sony intended exclusives were instead spent on top quality 360 exclusives. How many games of Uncharted 2 or God of War 3's budget and ambition could have been made for the hundreds of millions plowed into bribing companies to include them. Even worse much of the money has been spent not on getting games onto their own system but merely to prevent multiformat content from appearing on the PS3 for large periods of time.

3137d ago
vhero3137d ago

Exactly Madden MS are a blight to the console industry. Which is a shame as their console is good it's just a shame its owned by such a bunch of money grabbing morons.

DevastationEve3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Xbox 360 does not have "dated PC parts". It's actually a very forward-thinking design, as all graphics processors have gone unified since the Radeon HD 2xxx series and later the GeForce 8 series. PS3's RSX gpu is actually closer to the 7 series of prior standard shader array equipped gpus.

On topic, MGSR is going to be where MG can take a new direction. "Lightning Bolt Action" doesn't exactly mean that they're going to ditch the MG style. Personally I would think ninjas would use stealth too, DUH! It could mean the he'll have a more deadly melee style than the simple punch and kick moves Snake had.

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Natsu X FairyTail3137d ago

my guess is that If Rising Performs great on Xbox360(which we all know will do great) they'll either

release the next MGS game on both PS3 , Xbox360.

or MGS5 on PS3 and Rising 2(wild guess) on both PS3,X360,

Redempteur3137d ago

are you sure about that ?
rising is not sure to be a hit on 360

Baka-akaB3137d ago

the way i see it , if Rising is a success , it will simply have a sequel on multiplatforms .

But the future main MGS title will remain a ps3 exclusive for disk space reason alone .

OR if "MGS5" wont see the light till the next generation of consoles , then with the next xbox most likely dealing with its disk space issues , then it will become multiplatform .

vhero3137d ago

A hit? hahaha it will sell well and get massive scores why?? Look at reviews in the past no matter how bad the game is gonna be reviewers will score it high to make sure 360 gets future MGS games on 360 thanks to MS funding and loyalty. The biased reviews these days is outstanding especially in 360's favour. Any PS3 scores you see add 1 to it thats the real score. 360 score? take 1 away.. Of course i'm talking Metacritic percent not 9/10 here..

Disccordia3137d ago

There's no reason why it won't sell well on 360. For a so-called Playstation game, FF13 has sold pretty well so far on 360.

Redempteur3137d ago

Sorry , first wait until actual sales data before claiming that ff13 sold well on 360.
Second , most people wanting to know how the saga ends , actual fans of the saga bought the game on PS3.
Third Spin-off MGS games ...well they never sold well.
Look at MGS ACID ..

DevastationEve3137d ago

MGSR is not only going to be a hit on Xbox 360, it's also going to open Kojima to further use of the platform as they'll already have extensive work and knowledge of the hardware.

MGSR could lead to ZOE on Xbox 360. And it's not exactly the first time they've worked on it either; Rumble Roses XX showed off some insanely detailed and well choreographed female fighters for being a 2005 first gen Xbox 360 game.

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gameseveryday3137d ago

well it all depends on what the current market condition is, its a bit too early to have an opinion on this.

krisq3137d ago 'Peace Walking' :D

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