Final Fantasy XIII is the fastest selling game in the UK for 2010, console sales split is close

El33tonline writes:

"As is to be expected (it's only the middle of March after all), newly released videogame titles are constantly jostling for position in sales charts and bragging rights, breaking sales records left and right in different regions around the world, and the UK sales chart is no different, constantly crowning a new 'fastest selling' title almost every week.

Last week, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 snatched the honour away from Aliens VS Predator, which had in turn taken the crown from Bioshock 2 (which had been stolen from Mass Effect 2). According to Chart Track, which game is the new fastest selling title in the UK for 2010 so far?

Why, the newly released Final Fantasy XIII, of course!"

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Wrathman3143d ago

i really didnt think xbox owners would pick this surprised at the sales split.either they are misinformed about the quality on the xbox or its doesnt matter that much.

but i think that xbox gamers in the uk are much older than the average xbox gamer in the US.i say that because i cant imagine a 13yr old kid remembering older FF games.and surely its a game bought by people who remember it in its hayday.

games sell on the xbox even when they are trash.

-MD-3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

It just really doesn't matter much to most people. I picked up the 360 version because of the controller and achievements.

StanLee3143d ago

Am I the only one shocked that the sales were split 54% to 46%? That's freaking closer than anyone expected, especially in Europe. I expected that breakdown for the Americas but more like 75% to 25% in Europe.

Neo6043143d ago

to hell with the sales.
gimped version is a gimped version.

97gsx3143d ago

reply to Stan lee

Numbers are just for the uk not europe.

HolyOrangeCows3143d ago

"especially in Europe"

UK (The only Xbox stronghold in Europe) = All of Europe?

AAACE53143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Like I always say, the Ps3 version is the superior version. But the 360 version look really good!

The amount of Gb's used for each version would lead you to believe the 360 version look severely horrible compared to the Ps3 version, but the 360 version looks dam good. Especially seeing how they used less space than Lost Odyssey and got much better visuals out of it.

Truthfully I was shocked at what they accomplished! Even when I play, I still find myself stopping to admire the graphical detail.

BTW, despite what they want you to believe, there are alot of adults who play 360. You usually hear the kids on there because they are starved for attention. But most adults on there usuall don't talk much or just don't plug in their mic. Most of the time I play with my mic turned down and muted. I used to do the same thing on Ps3 as well. I usually only talk when it seems like a decent group of people. Otherwise, I don't give a sh*t.

StanLee3143d ago

My bad, UK is what I meant really.

kingdavid3143d ago

neo its only gimped in graphics.

If you play a jrpg with the sole idea of only graphics then you are a deadset r-tard.

Rush3142d ago

For a long time in the UK the 360 with a hard drive was still less then half the price of the PS3. Things have changed alot since then the PS3 has went down in price and the 360 received a price rise believe it or not.

But still the 360 is vastly more popular in the UK and it doesn't represent the rest of Europe. I can't believe am about to say this but from a purely console choice prospective think of us as a mini America.

But when you take places like Germany and France PS3 sales of the game will be vastly higher there.

Although people tend to forget the UK is the worlds 3rd biggest gaming market. And is starting to become nearly as important as Japan from a purely installer base prospective. Microsoft played it very smart getting a monopoly on the UK and America which is what is really keeping them ahead of the PS3 this console race.

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borgome3143d ago

These games are for straight up computer nerds, ie PS3 owners.

Neo6043143d ago

if you don't care bout this game then you wouldn't be in this post.

byeGollum3143d ago

average consumers buy it for whatever they want and enjoy it. they'll never be aware of any differences or what you consider inferior. they'll just play.

Dance3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

They assume if one version is slightly inferior it's unplayable

hazbaz3143d ago

Am i the only who sees the irony in Dance & Murderdoll's posts?

97gsx3143d ago

Lol no murderface has said started alot of fanboy arguments so he is fairly hated on n4g.

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InfiniteRetro3143d ago

all those children who only own a 360 will be getting it

foxxy3143d ago

That both versions sold well it is a really good game i think it deserves every millon they make the battle system is addicting dam you square.

kingdavid3143d ago

fk the haters.

Square put alot of effort into this game and its very nice to see it sell well. Long live JRPG in the west.

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