Epic "impressed" with some of the games created with Unreal 3

VG247: Epic's Mark Rein was on hand at GDC last week, chatting about Unreal Engine 3, some of the games created with it, and some of the winners from the Make Something Unreal contest.

Turns out, there will plenty of games shown off at E3 created with the engine, and he is very pleased that not only the larger developers are using it, but thanks to the release of the Unreal Development Kit, consumers are as well.

"We're going to get to see the Transformers game Activision is making, Disney's new Tron game – we're always really excited to go to events like E3 to see games like Arkham Asylum, which was a great game, and things of that nature," he told VG247, "so E3's a lot of fun for us.

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carreirabr3143d ago

He just forgot to mention Dark Void, Blacksite Area 51, Fatal Inertia, Turok, Damnation, etc etc

ATi_Elite3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Umm The Unreal engine sucks. There are a few quality games using it, Batman Arkham Asylum comes to mind but most of the games using it are horrible.

Cryengine 2 will raise the level of graphics once optimized. The Xray engine for open worlds is awesome. Frostbite engine is another great one.

companies need to get away from the Unreal engine as it is too old and doesn't push any boundaries no matter how much they update it.

Borderlands = Unreal Engine
Brink = iD tech 4 Engine (modified)

you tell me who the winner is