[DLC] Modern Warfare 2 maps overpriced?

The new downloadable map packs for Modern Warfare 2, aka the "Stimulus Package", will be upon us on March 30th with three brand new maps. Two additional maps are ported over from the original Modern Warfare, which are treated as classic re-releases of "Crash" and "Overgrown".

The best part? It'll cost 1200 Microsoft Points ($15/£10), and it will only be released on X360 initially, with no announced date for the PS3 or PC. Just to put that price into perspective, regular map packs for the original Modern Warfare or any other game on X360 for that matter, cost 800 MS Points ($10). Games on Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) cost 800 – 1200 MS points, such as the upcoming remake of Perfect Dark which will cost 800 MS Points coming out this Wednesday.

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SupeerSteebbi3165d ago

Didn't we pay extra for the goddamn game? Yes ofcourse it's overpriced it should be free...

FishCake9T43164d ago

Agreed. Activsion are a joke. Thankfully DICE have attracted me away from the Darkside with the best FPS since COD4.

mugoldeneagle033164d ago

I was never a hater of MW2 when it launched. Yes I didn't care for Activision & I thought the game was rushed w/o being properly beta tested, but I loved COD4 like most did and at least 20 of my friends bought it so I picked it up. Even though I haven't played it in 2 months, it was MW2 and Uncharted 2 non stop in my PS3 for the last few months of 2009.

However, there's no way in hell I'm paying $15 for 5 maps, 2 of which are old. This, along with what's happened between IW/Activision the last month has me seeing their business in a whole new light.

dragunrising3164d ago

I know I'll be waiting for "Deal of the Week" before I buy these maps. I'm not sure where Activision finds the nerve to charge such an outrageous price. DLC is more or less pure profit on the part of publishers. I really hope Medal of Honor replaces CoD as the premier FPS...

Instead of buying overpriced maps, I'll be buying (rebuying?) Perfect Dark :-) Can't wait.

champ213164d ago

MW2 itself is a DLC for MW1. Making it a different game then charging 59usd lol sad.

I never bought the game. Niether will i supprot a company which is looking for opportunities to milk its fanbase.

Bad Company 2 has been alot of fun.

Syronicus3163d ago

Of course I will be buying the map pack. Yeah I know there are haters out there but I like the game and rarely run into the idiots that people call out all the time. It's just that I have a huge group of friends playing it and I want to keep playing it with them. Other than FFXIII and GOWIII, MW2 is the only vise I have right now in the gaming kingdom.

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DeltaN8A3165d ago

I agree ..

I'm from the UK and it cost me a small fortune to buy it and even a pre owned copy is still expensive.. although its Multiplayer outshines many games regardless of glitches and bugs the price there asking for the map pack is a kick in the balls for many a loyal fan ..

Can see this rattling many a gamer today and till its release...

dangert123164d ago

i saw mw2 2nd hand for £46 and brought forza 3 brand new when it came out for £40 map pack is abit silly priced aswell

KR1ST0F3R3165d ago

and for that reason, I'M OUT!

Michael Myers3165d ago

there way overpriced, glad i traded this in 4 killzone 2

DoctorXpro3164d ago

After all the millions Activision/IW gain whit MW2 I dont understand why so expensive, but I think we should blame M$ because they know no matter the price its gonna sell, cuz at the end of the day its MW2.

Den1al3164d ago

Are you working for Activision or something? Why blame MS when they don't set the price, it's Activision and they deserve to no one buy this pack. And whoever buys this DLC is either full of cash or an idiot, or both.

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