Pre-E3 2007: The Last Remnant

IGN reports, the Last Remnant is going to be at E3. However, it's not going to be there in the form that most would expect. Scheduled to appear as a trailer only, the Unreal Engine 3-powered RPG is being treated like a canary in a coal mine -- warning would-be adventurers of what they're getting themselves into on release day.

Of course, nobody really knows when that release day is going to be, but still... you get the metaphor.

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Rybnik4179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

I did not intentionally link this to the PS3 side, but the preview uses exactly the same images and text for both the 360 and PS3. I do not know which version these pics come from, Ask IGN!

On topic. This game is showing much promise!

kingofps34179d ago (Edited 4179d ago )

Is there a problem if this is coming from the IGN's PS3 channel's The Last Remnant's preview? I really hope not.

@ Rybnik
You still have the time to link it to the 360 preview page.

dodgefate4179d ago

who cares what side its from, this game is going to be cool

daous4179d ago

It doesn't matter which section of the site you link the preview from, since the preview is written for one version, then placed under both sections. The images are also placed on both the PS3 and 360 section for a multi-plat game until the developers and publishers begin to specify which images belong to which version. Considering the lack of info at the moment for the Last Remnant, this is acceptable.

Nicosia4179d ago

A Unreal Engine 3 RPG. I'm looking forward to this... lets see how flexible this engine is.

Rybnik4179d ago

I'm impressed that so far this looks nothing like Lost Odyssey or, for that matter, any other UE3 game. It is a testament to the engine's versatility.

daous4179d ago

This one, based on my observations, looks pretty poor compared to other RPGs using the Unreal Engine 3.0. Of course, I'm not just limiting this to Japanese UE3 RPGs, but American ones as well such as Mass Effect, which looks visually spectacular on the Xbox360. Based on a rumor several months ago, FF Versus XIII (not FF XIII, but the Tetsuya one) is said to now be using the Unreal Engine 3.0 instead of Square Enix's own White Engine. If this is true, then it will be interesting to see just how useful the UE 3.0 will be for making RPGs.

Nicosia4179d ago

Damn i didn't noticed Lost Odyssey was using unreal 3 engine. WOW this engine impresses me more and more. Yeah THe Last Remnant looks very diffrent, but we have seen only screenshots, in action its should look good. Its a good departure for this engine, and be less fps oriented.

daous4179d ago

I sure hope so Nicosia. I just don't want another Drakengard failure (which was also done by Square Enix).

What also scares about the quality of this game are some of the staff members on board for this particular game. Some people from The Bouncer and Unlimited Saga are contributing to the making of this game, which is a big no-no from me, since those games had AWFUL gameplay, but visually appealing graphics.

Square Enix's recently new games and franchises, such as Project Sylpheed and Drakengard, have been FAILURES. Both had very interesting and fun concepts, but the execution of the game failed miserably. That's why I'm being cautious and not hyping a game that we haven't even seen in motion nor played. Additionally, the game style strongly reminds me of FF XI, and to me that game had a very "generic" look similar to all those MMORPGs like Lineage II. Sure, the concept sounds interesting, but so did Drakengard's dragon flying + dynasty warrior style fighting.

The only Square Enix games I trust, and the only ones that are actually GOOD, are Final Fantasy, the Chrono Trigger series, Star Ocean, and Dragon Quest/Warrior. The Mana series has been "decent" at best ever since the SNES versions.

PS360WII4179d ago

Hey now FFXI is still an awesome game. The models look like standard FF characters so I'm not sure where you got the generic from. The land can be a bit barren but the world is hugh and there are a slew of really nice looking landscapes. Plus the gameplay is really thought out. The only downfall of XI is if you want to get a party in the middle ranges you may have to wait awhile and when on the higher levels it takes a good while before you reach that next level.
Yet I do think Square Enix hasn't produced a good console FF since FFIX.
Although they still can create a new fanbase all the time. FFX was the first FF on PS2 and oddly enough still a first FF game for most gamers out there and they sucked it right up. I hated the oh so short story (not even a weekend), the lame character development plus what they looked like, worst story ever, and the main character was a bigger loser than that of Drakengard's. The game was really easy as well to easy in fact I beat the boss with one round from my guys and then the avatar battles after Jecht I was able to one hit kill all of them... All that and yet people consider it one of the best... how they made that correlation is beyond me but they do.
Last Remnant is not a proven franchise no, but you have to give them credit for trying to make a new IP when really they could just re-make all the FF again and re-make the DW/Q games and put all the other resources into FFXIII. Now if they speed up the 4 DS games they are making I'll be a little more happy, but I think Last Remnant will come out first so bring it on!

Nicosia4179d ago

Really The Bouncer people behind it? my hype just got lowerd. Never played Drakengard though but i'll take ya word for it. The main problem is with square, they don't seem to care about moving ''up'' the ladder and making more quality games. With this new ip though, i am kinda suprised they are taking new risk.

Rybnik4178d ago

I hope that risk pays off. They may for the first time have an entirely different franchise on their hands (depending on how well it does, of course!

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PS360WII4179d ago

Alright alright. So one playable person now and we are back with political struggle type story but they say it'll have twists in it to make you think twice of a person you may have liked before... I'm still very intrested in this game. Hopefully with the big o trailer they're showing at E3 we can get a feel of what the battle system is like.

MK_Red4179d ago

Its great to see a new IP from a great developer like Square. Hopefully they treat it like their famous franchises.

Elginer4179d ago

is shaping up nicely, and actually Drakengard was developed by Cavia and Square published. This is actually being made by Square, so should be good.

Rybnik4178d ago

The trailer is purty!

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