Half-Life 2 Mod Occupation: Source Released

Realistic Ballistic Software has released the latest version of its ultra realistic ballistic combat Half-Life 2 mod Occupation: Source, now available for download.

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DJexs3137d ago

This was released along time ago this isn't new news.

Projekt7tuning3137d ago

Well I guess im one of the ones who missed it the first time, so im happy to have seen it today. I don't think I started up Steam in about 2-3 months. This will give me something to do today since im off and the wife is at work. Hehe. Stupid work.

Projekt7tuning3137d ago

You would think with all the PC versions of games being sold lately there would be some people around the PC stories. (Kicks dust off shoes, looks at watch) Well I got a thing, see ya.

Que Tumble weeds.