VGC GDC 2010: Hands-On Preview: Tournament of Legends

VGC writes: "Last year at E3, we saw a new Wii exclusive title from High Voltage Software called Gladiator A.D. At GDC, we met up with High Voltage again and they showed us a nearly complete build of the game, now titled Tournament of Legends. However, the name is not the only thing that has changed. For instance, the game used to have this gritty, drab, colosseum feel to it, but High Voltage has decided to use a more colorful, toned-down setting (see the comparison below). This was probably a good move considering the Wii does not do 'realistic' very well. It also gave the developers a lot more room to work with because they were not locked into the 300 or Gladiator world."

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