Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver – Your Guide to the Pokewalker

Diehard GameFAN writes, "When the original Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, you were able to buy an strange cross between a pedometer and a Tamagotchi virtual pet known as the Pokemon Pikachu 2 GS. This digital device could be clipped to your belt and would count the number of steps you took. These steps could then be traded in for "watts." Watts had two purposes. The first was that they could buy presents for the virtual Pikachu pet contained within the PP2GS so that it would like you more. The second was that you could trade the watts through the PP2GS' infrared port. It would then communicate with the Game Boy Colour's port and then allow you to download items through Pokemon GSC's "Mystery Gift" option. Well with the release of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you'll discover that there is a pack-in with your copy of the game known as the Pokewalker. This device builds off the premise of the PP2GS and expands to a degree no one had ever thought of before. Join us as we give you some information on this strange little bonus item and how you can use it to maximize your experiences in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver."

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