Examiner: Yakuza 3 review

Ex: "Yakuza 3 is an exceptionally unique title that PlayStation 3 owners should definitely be open to checking out. You could say it's Japanese Grand Theft Auto and not be entirely wrong. With its emphasis on open world exploration, embarking on missions, wasting time with mini-games and living a shady life of crime, Yakuza 3 borrows the classic Grand Theft Auto formula and uses it to great effect. However, its massive amounts of extra content, engaging story, deep role-playing mechanics and distinctly Japanese flavor define Yakuza 3 as a game of its own."

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killyourfm3137d ago

Yakuza 3 scratches my Shenmue itch...

tinajacobs12223137d ago

They really need to make a third Shenmu. Yakuza 3 is just like it really...just with more blood and less capsule toys.

deadreckoning6663137d ago

The decision between this and GOW3 is killing me inside.

tehk1w13137d ago

Why decide? Just get both!