Lens of Truth @ GDC 2010

Lens of Truth writes, "We are back from our trip to the 2010 Game Developers' Conference out in beautiful San Fransisco, California. This segment was supposed to be updated daily, but due to our hotel's craptastic internet, it just wasn't possible. We met some great people and some great companies all with new hardware that we're looking forward to reviewing. Highlights of the reel include displays of the CryEngine 3, Nvidia's booth, Sony's Booth, Nintendo's booth, and even legendary Steve Wiebe. In the meantime, here is a compilation of our GDC 2010 experience!"

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Kiroe3167d ago

The nVidia hair demo and havok cloth demos were amazing.

Death24943166d ago

impressed with the move seeing as how the devs only had for 6 months. What makes it even more impressive was this that Gametrailers found.

Cenobia3166d ago

Despite the fact that I'm definitely buying Move, I find it incredibly ironic that the guy at the end of the video is clearly drawing Mario.

evildeli3166d ago

I see the LOT has a new spokes person

xg-ei8ht3166d ago

Some decent stuff in that vid. Nvidia demos were sweet.

ALso at the end, havok, was that running 6core pc, or PS3.

And some of the cryengine was excellent, golf game looked awesome,lol.

ATi_Elite3166d ago

forged by chaos looks very good as far as animation and detail. It's cool to see the cryengine 2 being put to other uses.

Crysis 2 would have been a good use too but oh well