Retro Look: Croc Legend of the Gobbos - Meodia

Croc received pretty good reviews and rather decent sales on its release, it even had a sequel called Croc 2 taking a Zelda style health system. That's it, another Croc game was rumoured to be released on the PS2 but it never appeared, just another decent platformer to be forgotten and I for one will mourn its loss.

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Cajun Chicken3191d ago

Croc 1 was awesome! I love how the jumping puzzles got fiendishly difficult as you neared the end.

BlackIceJoe3191d ago

I remember this game. I think it would be pretty neat to see a Croc 3. There would be a very slim chance it will have a sequel seeing as Fox Interactive is no more. But it would still be interesting to see what a Croc 3 could bring.