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Could this be the year the Wii finally packs a punch for the Nintendo faithful?

It's been hard for passionate gamers to keep the faith over the last few years as far as the Wii is concerned. For all its strengths, the system just hasn't been delivering for the core audience. Why? Well, you've heard the reasons before, but let's quickly run through them again.

First, the controls have a stack of potential, but more often than not they're something that holds the games back rather than propelling them forward. Secondly, the machine just feels behind the times. It has almost no storage, has poor online play options and - while games like Super Mario Galaxy look quite incredible – the vast majority of Wii titles simply can't compete with games on other systems in visual terms. Not surprising, of course, but I want to put my massive HD screen to work.

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ZoidsRaven3193d ago

And here comes the fan idiots. 7_7

Death24943192d ago

This Nintendo feels about this then....

iforgotmylogin3192d ago

i don't think they care.
Nintendo:been there done that
Nintendo: competitors should be scared...

and besides ur gona be tired playing that and it looks stale imo
hypocrite sony supporters acting like this was new. smh have fun spending that much money.

vhero3192d ago

I think every year been the year of the wii since it outselling every console right now.. this just shows how stupid and biased IGN are..

Shnazzyone3192d ago

Probably totally unimpressed like i am right now. Did you catch the error dialog at the top and how the system kept losing one of the controllers?

Anon19743192d ago

The Wii's kinda in a class all it's own, marketing for the discount, casual gamer dollar. If anything the Wii is more in direct competition with the PS2. No one is going into a store, looking for a PS3 or 360 and going "The Wii? This looks fantastic!" and walking out with a Wii instead.

It's kinda like saying that the Honda Civic is in direct competition with Porshe. Well, they're both cars but they're targeted at completely different markets. There might be some overlap but no one really views them as being in competition with each other. The Wii is the same. Nintendo brilliantly saw a gap forming in the market as consoles became bigger, better and more expensive and they went for it.

Army_of_Darkness3192d ago

sales don't make it console of the year, otherwise every year would go to wii, which would be a sh1tty indication of where gaming is headed. It's the exclusive games that make it stand out from the crowd.
So if it's not the year of the PS3 again this year, then it'll probably be the 360... but the wii... hell nooooo.

I don't want to use a butter knife in battle! I want a machete or chain saw gawddammit!!!

SpoonyRedMage3192d ago

Darkride the basis of your argument is fudamentally flawed because you say that they are going in for a PS3 or 360, in the same way someone who goes in looking for a PS3 they're not going to leave with a 360... because they went in for a PS3.

However people looking for a games console may pick the Wii over the PS3 or 360 because what they want is a games console. Not to mention the 360 can be had for cheaper than the Wii(a point you like to bring up a lot to discredit the 360) and many people would argue the PS3 is better value.

and if it isn't competing then why did Sony make the move and MS Natal? are people still going to insist they don't compete if/when the Wii is still ahead of them.

Anon19743192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Come on now. The PS3 and 360 are at least comparable products, with a comparable set of features. The Wii simply isn't meant to compete with either of those. If you're looking for just a games console then you're in the market for a Wii and maybe a 360. The PS3 has never, ever been marketed as a games console. It's always been marketed as a "home entertainment system," because that's what it is.

People who want something more than just a games system could easily go in and pick either a 360 or a PS3 just like a consumer might consider a Porsche or a Lexus, but if they're in the market for a higher end automobile, it's most likely that they're not going to leave the dealer with a Honda Civic. It's no different with the Wii. While there might be overlap, they just aren't aimed at the same market.
As you pointed out though, that's changing. Microsoft has their eyes set firmly on the Wii's market now after watching Nintendo fill in that casual, cheaper console void, but my point was that wasn't the case in the beginning, despite Microsoft's marketing efforts now.

As for the PS3, they were working on motion control far before the Wii was released but the PS3 will be on the market for 4 years before they start trying to woo some of the unsure Wii crowd over. Still, it's obvious that this market wasn't their primary focus before and doesn't look like it's going to be their primary focus anytime soon.

Also, on a side note I wanted to apologize for the PM I sent you a few months ago. I've had some serious issues in the past with some users and I mistakenly though due to some specific language you used that you were another duplicate account for this individual. I clearly see from your posting history that I was incorrect.

Good points!

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tunaks13193d ago

the wii has consistently provided me with unique games that aren't 6 hours long and dont have grey as their only color scheme. Therefore I have had more fun with the Wii then any other console or handheld(dont have a ds only a psp).
I have been playing Murumasa again and I can say its the best artistic achievement this gen, much nicer to look at then a billion polygons on screen.
thats just my opinion though don't lose any sleep over it.

EvilTwin3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Muramasa is ridiculously pretty. It and Okami are the proof that high-powered tech has a shelf life, but strong art is timeless (you could toss in the Prime Trilogy, too, IMO).

2010 looks to be the high-water mark for the Wii. I'm not sure if there's been a year where Mario, Metroid and Zelda were all released together. They came close in 2002 (LoZ:WW was released in Japan in 2K2, but not in NA/EU, while Sunshine and Prime were).

vhero3192d ago

aren't 6 hours long?? mention a first party game that has longer than a 6 hour lifespan on wii?

EvilTwin3192d ago

vhero -- I sunk 70 hours into LoZ:TP.

30 hours into Corruption (and the trilogy has a good 80 hours or more).

At least 30 into Galaxy.

But that's just me.

tunaks13192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

"aren't 6 hours long?? mention a first party game that has longer than a 6 hour lifespan on wii?

LOL, ok you asked for it,
Zelda TP, i clocked in more then 60 hours in that game

Brawl, im still playing that game and have probably clocked in more then any other game

Mario Kart Wii, same as brawl endless

Metroid Prime 3, a lot more then 6 hours around 20

Galaxy, much more then 6 hours

seriously, at least troll with some sort of argument.

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foxtheory3193d ago

2010 will definitely be an interesting year for the Wii. Will it surpass the PS3 or 360? Probably not. But I really think this will be the best year for itself. Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid Other M make it a great year already, and adding in the new Zelda game would push it even farther. In fact, if things turn out well, I may even pick a Wii up to play them (Zelda being enough of a reason). Hopefully these games and the other releases like Red Steel 2 will turn out great. As long as Nintendo catches up on hardcore games, I have no problem investing in a Wii.

Fierce Musashi3193d ago

What the hell? This is still from IGN, right?

tunaks13193d ago

Its IGN AU not the dudes we usually hear from

WildArmed3193d ago

Epic Mickey ready for a Epic Win! xD

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