Uncharted 2 Creators Tip Hats To Killzone 2, Celebrate Lots Of Wins

Kotaku: Two of Naughty Dog's top people collected five Game Developers Choice Awards lat week for Uncharted 2. Short on material for my backstage interviews, I asked them which awards they deserved most and least. They answered and offered Pokemon tips.

This is one of a series of Kotaku video interviews with many of the award-winners and special honorees from the Game Developers Choice Awards. Check out the rest of our GDC Backstage clips, featuring the creators of some of the world's best video games.

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jack_burt0n3138d ago

WTF has happened to uncharted 2 multiplayer its a totally different game now. Am gutted.

-Alpha3138d ago

It's extremely frustrating because people got used to one style and they took it out. It's such a big WTF move. You would *think* they'd offer a hardcore (crushing) playlist with lower health, but no, they just screwed up big.

Thankfully Naughty Dog tend to listen to its community but constantly changing core mechanics will upset the fanbase.

Anyways, UC2 is a great SP game and the awards keep pouring in, it's crazy.

freediro3138d ago

i dunno, i am still damn good and made the transition easily. Its called making adjustments and changing up your style, if its that hard well then i don't know what to tell you. I love the new update its about time i don't have to unload a full clip from the AK just to get a kill, the Fail is finally at the strength it should be (if you can use it well) Sniper rifle is one hit kill, just like in real life. So i don't know, i am still enjoying the hell out of U2 online and won't complain at ND, they seem like they know what they are doing. Lets be honest the game isn't that noob friendly.

Digitaldude3137d ago

Why the hell did they ask them about Pokemon?

legendkilla3137d ago

i have not played online in Uncharted 2 in a while, did they mess it up? i was bored with the rank-up grinding ( i'm at level 54)

-Alpha3137d ago

I'm pretty sure that "in real life" every gun is a one hit kill, not just the sniper. The point of putting a whole clip into a guy with the AK (I only took a few shots if I aimed at the head) was so that he could get to cover-- that's the whole point of the high health anyway: balance.

People now don't like climbing and platforming because it leaves them vulnerable to campers.

I don't consider changing fundamental gameplay elements "adapting". I think it's a bad move. The easy solution is to include a separate playlist, I am dumbfounded that ND didn't do that.

jack_burt0n3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Yeah they killed the originality, so it would appeal to the gibbering masses, now its a noob friendly game, point, shoot, die, rinse, repeat..


Yeah they did, nobody on my friends list plays it now, battlefield bad company time.

Mr Logic3137d ago

I like it. I've been doing a lot better. It doesn't seem as noob friendly though.

-Alpha3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Exactly! They've made it more appealing to newer/casual players who can click and point for a kill. It's exactly what happened to MW2. Anyways I've moved on from UC2 for the most part, but they really did mess up the MP formula. All they really had to do was fix the melee (the melee system was dependent on latency/whoever had the strongest connection according to ND), and things like quitting. Instead they a problem very little people complained about and essentially made it more casual-friendly.

NotSoSilentBob3137d ago

They made it call of Duty: Uncharted style. The want the masses to play their game. That is what happened to U2 multiplayer.

GameGambits3137d ago

That was a great interview right until the Pokemon disaster. I'm surprised they didn't just look at each other and walk off.

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RememberThe3573138d ago

That game completely under sold. Oh well, everyone else loss, I had a great time with it. The best online I've ever played.

The game is utterly beautiful.

TOO PAWNED3138d ago

controlls sucked, that is kz2 problem. But i agree it is still best looking game on market, o wait GOw3 is around the corner, never mind

alphakennybody3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

KZ2 controls were perfect! until they patched it noob friendly >:(. It's what made it stand out from from being "just another shooter".

spektical3138d ago

the controls for KZ2 were awesome, it brought weight to the guns. The only thing GG never fixed was the ridiculous aim for the ISA assualt rifle. God i rarely aim, because it was much better not aiming.

Raoh3138d ago

I agree with Eddy Raja

bjornbear3138d ago

i got good at the controls, never bothered me since

if i got good with them, there's not excuse no one else does (i am not superior to anyone else) other than lazyness

just because you didn't have the patience to figure the controls out and get used to them, doesn't mean they suck.

morganfell3138d ago

You the man Eddie, those weighty controls made Killzone 2 perfect.

stephen totilo doing the interview has a head like a 40 watt lightbulb.

ThatCanadianGuy3137d ago

He looked like one of those creepy child stalkers you see getting arrested on cops.

I'm sure he fits in rather nicely with the rest of the Kotaku staff.

legendkilla3137d ago

killzone's control's are the best!!!! noting still come's close :)

Bathyj3137d ago

Thats why everyones scared to do something different in this industry. As soon as you do, someone will whine that its not the same as product x and they should have matched it making them all the same.

I personally thing KZ has the best FPS controls going. I cant believe people think aiming with CoDs autosnap is a skill. No wonder single player games take a backseat now days, because the challenge isnt is mastering the controls against AI, but doing something really easy just a bit better/quicker than someone else whose also doing something really easy.

-Alpha3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Don't get me wrong: I don't want COD.

I loved the heavy feeling but responsiveness was slightly lagging behind and it lead to close quarter fights becoming an excruciating battle of fumbling with the analog sticks.

And that was the problem for me essentially: responsiveness. Moving that right analog stick always felt a tad slow. People are talking about "weight" or "mass" but that's different from responsiveness.

I loved the control patch they had afterward that maintained that Killzone 2 feel while managing to make things more responsiveness, and that was my only issue. I could tell just how much the responsiveness was changed through sniping: Sniping became a lot harder because the sensitivity was much more responsiveness but in all honesty it made the game much better. The way the game feels is great and getting kills is ultra satisfying. If only K2 was in 3-D, I could taste my kills in that game.

My problem is that players essentially compared the game to COD. I even remember hearing a guy on K2 complaining about how grenade throwing sucked and how it wasn't like COD and how K2 was garbage. I told him the game was different and I'd rather not throw grenades across an entire map like in COD, but he was one of the many who had a problem with the game. Really, that's fine, people have different strokes. I'm not going to force a guy to get used to or play a game. Unfortunately it doesn't help much for Killzone 2's "Halo killer" hype. I rather enjoy games like K2 or even the Battlefield series developing a core audience or a bunch of faithful players rather than having casual/mainstream COD fans play the game, but of course, everybody hyped K2 to be the system killer and that's what hurt the game the most: fanboy hype.

alphakennybody3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

because of that weighty feel ( before the patch), achieving an certain amount of kill-streak felt very rewarding. It made me feel like I have reached a certain level of skills, It used to be very tactical.Now after that patch, I see more kills just by running blindly and shooting.By the way, It wasn't fanboy hype it was pure media hype. I know fanboys are bad( I know I can be one myself a lot of time) but ignorant people who always tend blame it on fanboys are even worse.

Perkel3137d ago

lol @ people

it wasn't problem with weight it was problem with dead zone which was soooo big that you can lean analog a little and it still don't turn on screen.

acceleration also was $$$ked.

Hope they will get response right in killzone 3

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unrealgamer583138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

"controlls sucked because i play cod and i cant adapt to other games , that is my problem. But i agree it is still best looking game on market, o wait GOw3 is around the corner, never mind"

fixed your comment.

nogolis3138d ago

KZ2's controls, I'm not going to say they're good or bad, are just very heavy feeling. It doesn't feel like any FPS on the market to me. It feels different. I don't like how you can't adjust the layouts for the controls to "your" liking, rather a preset the DEv's have made for you. But still, at the end of the day, KZ2 made good on 97% of its promises.

GOW 3, by the way, does look better than both Uncharted 2 or KZ2. It really does. I just completed it, finally, tonight. Epic is used a lot but in this instance it's probably note worthy. Sure I've played better games... Shadow of the Collossus is probably one I'll never forget. But Gow 3 is right up there with it.

The classics will never be touched.

Super Mario Bros
Kid Icarus
Donkey Kong
Pac Man
Double Dragon
Shadow of the Collossus
Zelda 3
Resident Evil
Maniac Mansion

and so many more... But with that list intact, GOW 3 is such a dream come true right now. It really is. It makes Sony's system that much better than the competition. When I ask people what xbox 360 has that's so good they say -- COD, GEOW, HALO, MASS EFFECT... Typical stuff we can play on the PC. When I ask why the Ps3 is so good and the ressults are much different. Different because they have so many good exclusives now and incoming.

Al Bundy3137d ago

Dude, ICO and Shadow of the Collossus was AWESOME. Can you imagine what Team ICO can come up with for The Last Guardian on the mighty PS3?!?!?!

Dylantalon13137d ago

we should all write a letter to all game developers, telling them that they should make all games with the same controls, either weighty or not but we want all games to feel the same. we dont like to play a game where we need to learn anything new. while we're at it we should decide if we want all games to have a weapons wheel or not, online multiplayer , and co op play.

why are people such imbecile in thinking that everything should be the same or be like something they like and if it's not then its rubbish. i love playing different games for what they are and i never complain about a game because it lacks multiplayer, campaign , co op or anything the developers didnt do. these games cost millions of dollars to make so devs will try to make the best possible depending on their resources.

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