The Multidimensional, Limb-Flailing Future of Horror

Bloody-Disgusting writes: It's official. Sony's new motion controls have been unveiled and they're superior to the Wii's. How could I say something like this? I'm a Sony fanboy, you declare? Here are the facts: the controllers have less buttons (good for new gamers), chargeable batteries right out of the box, they're more accurate even when pointed away from the TV, and did I mention they're wireless? Oh, and they have color changing balls on the tips, and who doesn't love colorful balls? Colorblind Nazis, that's who. But this isn't a post written by a Sony fanboy, this is merely a discussion on possible exciting ways the horror genre can make full use of the PlayStation Move, Natal, and while we're on the subject of new tech, we'll even dive into 3D.

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CuddlySandpaper3140d ago

Hilarious article but those images with the unicorns really take it to the next level. Will virtual reality come with the Xbox 720, PS4, and Wii 2? That would be exciting, but if we only get smellovision than I'm happy.

WildArmed3140d ago

lol @ smell-0-vision and hobaland or w/e

BabyColada3140d ago

Hoboland? Sounds like Disney World for the homeless, lol

Holoband is from Caprica btw, one of the best shows EVAR.