Valve Snatching Talent From Naughty Dog? Not so much

The recent story that hit the internet about Valve poaching talent from Naughty Dog, has drawn some questions from the gaming community. Mostly attributable to the fact that Naughty Dog, the developer for the critically acclaimed Uncharted series on the Playstation 3, lost talent to Valve, a developer exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PC. It turns out this news isn't so new after all. The developers in question: Vitaliy Genkin, Elan Ruskin, and Alex Vlachos have been with Valve for almost four years.

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PirateThom3229d ago

Just Kotaku being slow?

Oh yes.

Genesis53229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Guess they need a faster internet connection.

math3229d ago

Or a Delorean with a flux capacitor

PirateThom3229d ago

I have to apologise slighty to Kotaku, but they were just posting news from another site.... PlayStation LifeStyle. How'd they miss that?

Research, people, it's the basis of EVERYTHING.

Kotaku are still idiots for not researching.

math3229d ago

I like Kotaku I source them often. But I guess cut and pasted from the wrong source this time, and didn't take time to check it out.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3229d ago

is just PS3 fanboys showing how desperate they are for Valves games. Despite all the hate lazy talk they really want Valves games bad on the PS3. They waited for a port for Left 4 Dead and it didn't happen, they waited for Left 4 Dead 2... didn't happen. Now that Portal 2 isn't on the PS3 they hit the net with hate a lust for Valve. They hate Valve but then go search the net for anything they can find hoping to find some scrap for news about Valve and the PS3.

bruddahmanmatt3229d ago

Oh please. L4D2 looks like a last gen game. Everyone talks about how "Valve is so forward thinking this and Valve is so innovative that". My eye. Their games look like **** and the gameplay is dumbed down. Anyone with a PS3 who wants to play L4D2 can simply pop in COD:WAW and play Nazi Zombies. And guess what, they can aim down the sights too. Valve is overrated in 2010. Portal 2 alone ain't gonna get it done.

bjornbear3229d ago

its just PS3 fanboys wanting games on their console because they don't have enough to content themselves with other tham GoTY's and games pushing the envelope in the industry

how about you go stab some photos of sony executives and cry while you hug your 360

mean while, i'll keep checking the news on video games and playing my PS3 =)

Sev3229d ago

@ PirateThom,

It seems as though someone missed this part of PlayStation LifeStyle's article:

"Though, I’ll be quick to point out that these employees have been working at Valve for as many as 3 years now."

Rush3229d ago

Lol dude no idea what your smoking but you need to stop. Seriously COD:WAW is a gay game to begin with, and comparing a joke of a developer like Treyarch to Valve is just that a joke.

I mean seriously have Treyarch ever made a decent game? why Valve have made like countless. And your right L4D2 does look last gen it's using the source engine which is basically an upgraded engine from quake.

But any truth gamer knows Gameplay > Graphics and no call of duty arcade garbage shooter will ever compare to Counter Strike Source. And L4D2 plays the same as CS:S.

I mean COD:WAW doesn't even compare to L4D I mean the full game comparing the queero zombie mode that game has to L4D2 is possibly the most insane thing I have read here in a while.

math3229d ago

They updated the article after this was written

sikbeta3229d ago

Oh... Jason 360 do you Believe GN and Valve love you so much, right? I know this will affect you but, GN and Valve care more about Their PC Gamers than the other guys, I mean is OK if you love him cuz he gives you Consoles Exclusives and that way you can Pretend that people with other Consoles Like a [Wii] or a [PS3], can't play those Games, but is kind of....Delusional...

The Wood3229d ago

i think we're laughing at you in unison. Ask most ps3 fans if they'd trade....plum

ico923229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

up until your comment there was no mention of Valve, and if you really wanna know the truth most ps3 fans or at least the ones i have come across don't actualy hate Valve they just dislike Gabe Newell and with good reason.

Lifendz3229d ago

Bubbles. You nailed it. I'll admit Valve makes fun games but I'm not losing sleep or bummed out that I don't own a 360 and can't play them. In fact, next month I'll be able to play them on my Mac :). But anyway, I agree. I have no prob with Valve. My prob is with Gabe and his uber fanboy comments in regards to the PS3. The fact that fanboys like Jason360 come running into these types of stories and miss the point completely is both sad and hilarious.

madjedi3229d ago

@rush I think you need to pass around what your smoking, waw wasn't a bad game, i agree scrap that ancient engine already, it looks seriously dated. A cod garbage arcade shooter will never compare to css, it's called an opinion, and everyone is entitled to theirs even if it clashes with yours.

I don't scream at halo guys how badly i hate it's mp, with unloading a full ar clip into an enemy to kill them, or how people can jump 10-20 ft in air and shot at you or turn 180 degrees in a second or less.

Valve made a very short multplayer slaugter fest game, then released an expansion pack at full retail price a year later, that isn't anything to beat my chest about.

The saying a true gamer or a real gamer as a absolute definition is meaningless since what makes a true not truth gamer, might be entirely different to him than your definition. And the graphics vs gameplay arguement the is never going to be the extremes that people like imagine that it is.

The graphics do actually matter a significant amount, if they didn't we would still have atari or nes graphics playing games in 2d. It depends on the person playing to make thst call.

Rush3229d ago

Ermm first of all who mentioned Halo here, I didn't? The fact you felt the need to mention how poor you think Halo is in an article that has nothing to do with it proves your just a butt hurt PS3 fanboy, Simply lashing out at Valve because of there lack of PS3 development.

So I really don't take much merit in your clearly biased opinion.

"Valve made a very short multplayer slaugter fest game, then released an expansion pack at full retail price a year later, that isn't anything to beat my chest about."

Can you please post your steam ID to show you have played the game before calling it an expansion pack? Or should I just assume your a bloody idiot? The average play time for a person on L4D2 on Steam is 100+ hours? Sound like an expansion pack to you?

Heavenly Sword was how many hour's worth of enjoyment for full price? L4D2 is incredible value for money. Admittedly when it was first announced people thought it was going to be a full price expansion, How wrong did Valve prove everyone?

Check Metacritic would a full priced expansion be sitting at a meta score of 89? I don't think so, you haven't even played the game. Your just a jealous 5 year old striking out at Valve for lack of PS3 content.

Willio3229d ago

I just want to point out even though I agree COD5 was not that well made, the DLCs alone cover LFD2 itself in sales just to offer some insight of how crappy Treyarch is. Granted its multiplat but it litteraly dwarfs it in comparison to a point where justifying the comparison as bias is pointless.

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FanboyAttack3229d ago

How does that slip by. Thats pretty sloppy "journalism"

kenlawson3229d ago

Totally sloppy but it's not Kotaku fault as much as it is the original source.

Crazyhorse3229d ago

Ok, so they have had experienced ps3 developers for four years and no PS3 games WTF.

3229d ago
Aphe3229d ago

I'm not sure wether you were joking, but how could they be 'experienced ps3 developers' when they have worked with Valve for 4 years?

I already know the answer but please tell me, how long has the ps3 been out?

Godmars2903229d ago

So this means absolutely nothing...

WhiteKnight19833229d ago

it does mean somthing cos they would of easily made a port for left 4 dead 1 and 2 or portal but its fat gabe thats just one lazy fat ass mofo

Ninji3229d ago

Wow, even they couldn't help Valve make a game above mediocrity. It probably has to do with them using an outdated engine and developing for a last gen console like the 360.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3229d ago

No Left 4 Dead, Portal, Counter Strike, Team Fortress or Half Life for you

Ninji3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

If I wanted to play those mediocre games then I would pirate them on PC. It's not like I need a great computer (especially with their outdated engine). It's Valve, not Crytek.

ExposingLames3229d ago

hey jason....can we get a order of ANYTHING other than the most ran into the ground gaming genre ever made? you have ANYTHING but a damn FPS?

xoxideu3229d ago

yea looks like it.

just go back on your $50 p2p and play a screaming match with those 12 year olds.

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