Rumor Killers: Dragon Age 2 in 2011, Insomniac Going Multi-platform

Martin Gaston of TheGameReviews gives his verdict on the rumor of a Dragon Age sequel for next year, and considers the likelihood of Insomniac producing games on more than just Sony platforms.

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Haly3144d ago

Dragon Age 2 seems pretty certain to me which is excellent news! Loved the original and can't wait for the expansion pack.

shoinan3144d ago

It's not a matter of if - just when.

mal_tez923144d ago

I thought it was like Mass Effect with boring fighting.

RedSky3144d ago

Surely you must mean the other way around. Every encounter in ME:2 was virtually entirely the same, you could ignore giving your companions tasks in everything but the hardest difficulty and just play it lone gunner FPS style.

DA:0 had way more tactical depth, you had to actually use combinations of abilities if you wanted to survive difficult encounters and you had way more to choose from. The problem with it was more that some dungeons went on for-----ever, and even with the variety on offer it got boring in the end when you just resorted to some cookie cutter tactic you'd worked out.

reddevilyi3144d ago

I could go for Dragon Age 2. Still need to finish all the DLC though.

midi3144d ago

Interesting decision by Sony. Shows they aren't quite as blinkered as I thought.

xabmol3144d ago

Martin’s Verdict: False

Can we stop with the BS now please? Ahh... Who am I kidding? MGS4 is still going multiplat soon, right?

Pffft... >_>

2FootYard3144d ago

Here he comes, look out. We are dependent on you.

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The story is too old to be commented.