Molyneux: Natal is bigger step than Move

Peter Molyneux has told Eurogamer that he doesn't think PlayStation Move is the same kind of step forward as Microsoft's Project Natal, but admits he fancies a crack on Sony's new magic wand controller.

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Darkeyes3167d ago

"This is purely me talking personally, but I think maybe it's slightly more a device for the core than it is for the casual market, because I think it's quite precise."

What a retarded statement is that??!!! So in short, it's better since it's precise, but it's not targeted at the casuals and so is worse. I am a HC gamer and care crap about casual stuff... So for me a FPS or TPS being played by Move is a 'Good' sign and not a flaw like Mr Molyneux sees.... So he also confirms that Fable 3 will be fully targeted at casuals doesn't he.

exnihilonihilfit3167d ago

Is a bigger leap forward. If it's really good, this could become a new standard control scheme. The thing is that a lot of FPS fans complain about the lack of precision you get from a controller as compared to a mouse, using move is a lot more like using a mouse. If they get enough hardcore gamers to switch, and people start reporting a real accuracy advantage thanks to Move, console gaming could be changed forever in a way that the wiimote wasn't able to really follow through on.

Death24943167d ago

Peter what he think of this then...

thesummerofgeorge3166d ago

It's only a bigger step forward if you subscribe to the idea that the future of gaming is controller-less. Personally, I'd rather hold something, than pretend I'm holding something. But then again, I'm one of those people that doesn't much care for motion controllers in general. But the Move is more my taste between the two, as I think Natal is more gimmiky than practical/useful.

Rockox3166d ago

Don't give a crap is bigger step than who gives a crap.

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eagle213167d ago

yeah, because Sony's is an actual controller, unlike Natal (the clap simulator)

zeeshan3167d ago

^ It can't even do that! Check out this priceless video!

Omega43167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Obviously its a bigger step anyone can see that, it gaming without a controller.

Move is just a side step of the Wii and slightly a bit backwards because all the "decent" games require 2 controllers to play.

Edit: I never said they invented it, they have taken Sonys simple eyetoy and made it so it can recognize you in 3D space, has speech recognition, can track multiple people and scan objects more than the eyetoy ever could.

Move is just a direct rip off of the Wii with less features like no motion in the nunchuk, sure it might be slightly more accurate but the Wii is obviously accurate enough or millions wouldnt be buying it.

Darkeyes3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Gaming without controller happened on the PS2.. So stop smoking whatever you are and stop living in a delusional world saying M$ invented it.

If PS3 mimicking the Wii is a step backwards, then Natal mimicking a last generation tech is even worse.

"Sonys simple eyetoy and made it so it can recognize you in 3D space".. Move can be recognized in 3D space.

"Speech recognition".. Confirmed as well

"can track multiple people "-Confirmed PS Move can track 4 which is as much as Natal.

"scan objects more than the eyetoy ever could".. Like what? Both scan 4 people on screen. If you are talking about objects, then they haven't shown people anything that has been scanned only some pre made videos of that... Not gonna trust anything till they show it in real time.

And besides that... Move will work at 60FPS and Natal will be locked up at 30FPS. Move only uses 2MB on PS3 memory and lags only 1 frame whereas Natal uses 20-30% 360 power with more than 100ms latency for only 1 user, number grows as more people come in.

Forget even that... Move actually can mimic Natal as per Digital Foundries anaysis where it tracked the entire upped body... In short

nycredude3167d ago


If you had a Ps2 or if you have a Ps3 you would know that this is done already. There are at least 7 or 8 games on the Psn that uses this. It's cool but feel like a gimick very fast.


What about Eyepet on PS3?

Can interact with the pet using the Hands only, even interaction with Voice.

Simon_Brezhnev3167d ago

Now i see why you have 2 bubbles. It amazes me how you can be so stupid and delusional 24/7.

Noob3167d ago

It's very possible on PS3 as of..............NOW. They have a couple of games available on PSN that don't require a controller. Face it, the only reason you like Natal is because it's on 360.

smittyjerkins3167d ago

Your statements lead to one question. Do people want to play games without a controller?

Optical_Matrix3167d ago

What on earth Omega..."Of course it's a bigger step it's gaming without a controller". Ok so lets pretend Eyetoy and PSeye haven't existed for the past half decade :/ I sometimes wonder if some of you people on here have been gaming longer than the 7th generation. You've just lost all credibility

The Wood3167d ago

course he does....cause MS said so

zeeshan3167d ago

Darkeyes just simply OWNED Omega!

JeffGUNZ3166d ago

Move WAND may be able to pick up 3d space, but not your whole body, without a wand, like Natal. Therefore, in that category, natal is superior, a bigger step forward. Again, with the tracking it's only tracking the movement of the WAND, not the whole body, like natal does. If you're playing a fighting game you need 4 wands and tape 2 of them to your legs. Your argument is weak. Natal's technology has the ability to play with the lights out in complete dark. Natal's technology is much more advanced than the eyetoy or the move. If you can't see that move is a complete ripoff of the wii, than you're a blind fanboy.

Most 360 users are very excited for the possibilities with the dashboard and the speech and face recognition. I am still skeptical that natal will be the next best thing, I am waiting for E3 to pass final judgment. But to sit there and think the move is better tech than natal is hilarious.

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Treyb3yond3167d ago

Interests me. As a hard core gamer and having owned a Wii from launch (without actually having turned it on for well over a year) all this motion stuff is like nails on a chalkboard for me.

raztad3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I was on your same boat but it seems Socom 4 is better played with PS Move than DS3. Zipper is noticing how Move users have the edge over DS3 on multiplayer matches.

There is a article on Digital Foundry about this.


A comment would be appreciated. Unless of course you have nothing good to say and you are disagreeing out of hate.


Here is the quote form DF article:


"I've spoken to the SOCOM team and they've had troubles because the motion control people sometimes really kick the ass of the DualShock people. It's unfair," he says. "They're having balancing issues and stuff. Some people are really good with the motion controller and some people are really good with the DualShock. Some players work better on some devices and that's cool."


theIMP3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I think they were just disagreeing because of you fanboy agenda. Now all of a sudden because of Socom Sonys PMC is awesome but you bash Natal. You are the worst kind of hypocrite. I know you said you just changed your mind over SOCOM 4 but what makes you think that Natal can't put of something equally amazing? That's why judging something before YOU try in makes you look so stupid. This is why Sony fanboys are the worst, N4G member PS3 circle jerks like this.

thehitman3167d ago

You know why Natal cant do something thsi amazing because the eyetoy cant. What you going to do make a gun shape w/ your hand and start shooting lol?? Natal uses NO CONTROLLER there is no way u can play a hardcore game like socom or be playing anythign really competitive w/ natal and thats a FACT nothing MS can do to change that. MS has shown a lot of what natal can do but nothign they shown involved a game like Socom. Day 1 Sony was like THIS is for whats to come nothign about Natal is exciting at all. And just like raz I was not interested in this at all until I seen socom and if its really precise and it has advantage over DS3 then Sony will definetly open up a new market and bring something MS or Nintendo can ever do(unless they copy).

JeffGUNZ3166d ago

You just proved his point; complete morons on this site. Natal is not the same technology as eyetoy. Sure, it's the same CONCEPT, but far advanced tech. Do some research buddy, you'd be surprised. haha you are such a liar too, Natal has shown hardly ANY games. They have shown burnout and the kickball like game. Other than that, it's a tight lid to E3. With your logic, the move is the same as the wii, huh? I mean, the wii had a wand motion controller first. So, therefore, they are the same exact thing. See how idiotic that sounds? Who cares if they have the same concept, the technology has vastly improved. That's like saying will Genesis and the PS3 must produce the same graphics because they are both consoles and must be the same!

Use your brain once in a while. Be an adult, don't pass judgment on Natal until E3, when you actually see the final product working LIVE

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