9.4 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

Competition is everywhere in gaming. It seems that no matter where you look, something only exists to beat something else. PES is there to challenge FIFA year upon year, rival consoles announce near identical periphals to try and get the upper hand in the ongoing "Our-Console-Has-The-Biggest-Dick" competition. It's always a sad sight when said competition overshadows a great game or concept, so when something is so utterly stooped in it, can it truly stand on it's own merits?

This leads me to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Chances are, if you've ever spoken to any male or indeed a particularly ugly female, they'll own a copy of Modern Warfare 2. It's inescapable, like an airborne virus or a particularly virulent rapist and has near enough taken hold of mainstream gaming and made it it's bitch. Hardcore gamers, (being the stubborn, trend-defying leaders of the nerdy revolution that we are), have – for the most part- turned our backs upon it. But something is needed to fill that big, FPS-shaped hole. And it's with this in mind that BFBC2 attempts to battle the king, and attempt to win back our hearts from Infinity Ward in the process. Does the game stand outright as a brilliant First-Person Shooter experience, or does the competition once again overshadow the game?

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GenerationWinner3143d ago

This game has me hooked every night now. It so addictive and immersing. I dont blame the reviewer for gabbing about the sound. I listen in awe when i fire my M95 sniper. The sound with my surround headset is totally awsome and life like. Not that i fired an m95 in real life but this game makes me want to hehe.