Battlefield: Bad Company 2 DLC Due Alongside Modern Warfare 2's as DICE Throws Gauntlet

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward promising to cure the shooter's "mapathy" with some downloadable content on March 30, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 developer EA DICE has thrown down the gauntlet.
The same day, March 30, will see DICE release its second "VIP Map Pack" for Bad Company 2, it revealed in a blog post titled "how to avoid 'mapathy' without paying."

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mrv3213192d ago

Want to sell millions of copies? Make a 1942 maps for rush and conquest ( D-DAY would be epic for reach )

Make a helicopter mode... with just helicopters and the same with heavy tanks.

Make a Battlefield 2142 mode, 4 maps

$4.99 each and I'm SOLD! I'd pay $9.99 for the 1942 maps and 2142 mode.

ASSASSYN 36o3192d ago

I know which DLC I will be getting. BFBC2!

dougr3192d ago

DLC for Battlefield will be very nice...however I still can't wait until I can unlock the maps I should have got when I bought the game. The online store is still down for me to this day. Great game though, I love the destructible environments. I could do without the kill cam though.

gamingisnotacrime3192d ago

i just used my VIP code and the Map pack 1 is there.
i have not played on any MP match yet so i dont know if they are playable, but they appear in the list as downloaded. sweet

I have not touched MW2, but i like BC2 a lot

dougr3192d ago

Oh, nice I haven't been on today or yesterday so I'll have to jump on to claim my maps!

PainisCupcake3192d ago

the store is only up and running in the US

pimpmaster3192d ago

really? youll be getting the bc2 dlc? as far as i know its aleady on the disk. now thats what i call a ripoff, they're 2 evils but IW is is slightly less IMO than EA/dice. at least they didnt hold back content thats already on disk.

hybridtheory123192d ago

actually the DLC consists of Maps that we can already play. except they are changed to either rush or conquest :)

evrfighter3192d ago

free is ripped off now?

only on n4g lol

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Shmotz3192d ago

Its bad for Turn10 to bad mouth GT5 yet DICE consistently talk smack about MW2 and your all okay with it?


Serjikal_Strike3192d ago

BfBc2 can back it up..cuz BfBc2 pawns Mw2

Turn 10 are digging thier own grave trying to compete with GT5:)

vickers5003192d ago

Well as you know, Sony is the greatest company ever, and we owe everything we have to them. Of course it's okay to bad mouth anything that's not a ps3 exclusive. Sony is the best and they can do no wrong. They are perfect in every way, and to criticize Sony, is to blaspheme against the company to which we owe everything in our lives to.


willie62893192d ago

Show me a source where DICE says anything about MW2. they said "competition" only the fans are making this a BFBC2 vs MW2. Turn 10 called out GT5 multiple times by name IIRC.

gamingisnotacrime3192d ago

Dice does not bash on MW2, they just declare war on IW juggernaut, but unlike Turn 10 they backed up their talk with vip maps, kick ass gaming mechanics, and a polished product, which by the way is a huge leap from BC1 to BC2, something that cant be said for MW2.

Free maps for me on march 30, VIP code is sweet

dougr3192d ago

I think it's more warranted with Dice than it was for the Forza makers. MW2 isn't the greatest thing and that is well known. Turn 10 is badmouthing a game that was the hands down best in it's genre for many, many years.

bjornbear3192d ago

its a fair head to head, bringing out DLC on the same day

so as long as DICE don't rig a vote by offering extra content in the game, i think they cant be compared to Turned 10

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Grimhammer003192d ago

Pound for pound bfbc2 is a more fufilling game.
But, I do wish they'd steal mw2's callsigns.

willie62893192d ago

dont forget that the BC2 DLC is free!

(at least to those who bought the game new)

Deios3192d ago

I'll be getting both DLC.

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