ELSPA sales awards for February 2010

The ELSPA has given out new awards to games based on how many copies they have sold in the UK (100,000 - 1,000,000)

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lelo2play3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Are these awards for sales only on the month of February or are they lifetime sales for these games?

... probably lifetime sales...

Valay3193d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're lifetime sales.

Valay3193d ago

Took Call of Duty 3 for Wii awhile to get a gold award.

mjolliffe3193d ago

I love Call of Duty 3 :)

Omega43193d ago

Is there a reason why the PS3 has been missed out?

Cause im sure it has at least one game that sold better than Lips

gaffyh3193d ago

Several PS3 games have already won the Elspa award, this is just stating which games have just passed 100k in lifetime sales.

3193d ago
labwarrior3193d ago

Strange, seems 360 is killing PS3 in Europe too, by far

digger183193d ago

This is for the UK only not Europe.

UK is the only country that supports the 360 over the PS3 more than any other European country

silvacrest3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

people, especially Americans need to understand that the UK, although large in sales does not equal the whole of europe, im sure just france and germany combined eclipse it

i cant back up my claims but the rest of europe belongs to sony and nintendo

n4gn4gn4gn4g3193d ago

XB360 has 116 silvers, 58 gold, 35 platinum, 10 double platinum, 4 Diamond
PS3 has 63 silvers, 26 gold, 16 platinum, 6 double platinum, 1 Diamond.

If you have a are counted in all levels below. If you have a double are counted in all levels below..etc etc.

twoface3193d ago

This is a landmark award and like what gaffyh above said, ps3 had already several games pass these landmarks.

ARBitrator3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

I guess a better question would be has the PS3 reached same milestone on the "same" titles where applicable.

That would be a better way to compare the three consoles.

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