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Charmers3192d ago

It is a shame to see Assassins Creed 2 in the top ten. I guess PC gamers have spoken and they have said "I don't mind having a mandatory connection to a server whilst I play a single player game". I miss the old days when PC gamers actually had some cojones.

RagTagBnd4453192d ago

The problem is that we do not approve the DRM but we really want to play the game, it is an evil circle than cannot be broken.

Charmers3192d ago

Naturally it was a life or death matter if people didn't get to play Assassins Creed 2 wasn't it ? People that bought this game have now sent a clear message to publishers and developers. That message is simply "yes we will buy games with this invasive DRM so bring it on".

A simple bit of restraint and we could've had Assassins Creed 2 with no DRM but no people just couldn't control themselves. Now thanks to all those that bought Assassins Creed 2 we can expect within the year nearly ALL single player games to feature a protection system like this.

raztad3192d ago

I remember the fuss about No having Dedicated Servers on MW2, still the game was on top for quite a while.

Is it still in the top 10 best sellers?

Some people just want to play the game, regardless "minor details".

Revvin3192d ago

I remember the boycott groups on Steam, all standing up for PC gamers so they said. Easy to say before the release but afterwards when you looked at the groups and what games the members of those groups were playing it showed a large percentage had forgotten all about the boycott. Its unbelievable such a buggy and poorly play balanced game can still sell so well.

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RagTagBnd4453192d ago

You do know it is ubisoft right? If the game had not sold on PC they would just say: every pc gamer is a pirate, we stop making pc games. Ubisoft would rather stop making pc games, than making less DRM, trust me.

Charmers3192d ago

I would personally preferred that outcome rather than the outcome we are faced with now. The way Ubisoft treats the PC I don't want a publisher/developer that behaves like Ubisoft on the PC. However they did a nice big bold experiment in DRM and now you can bet your life other publishers will be hopping on board.

So if it was a choice between losing Ubisoft or losing my ability to play single player games without internet access I know which route I would prefer to go.

RagTagBnd4453192d ago

Activision did try to raise the price of pc games with MW2, how did that turned out? Stores selling it at low prices anyways, and no other company have tried something similar.

I think most companies will not do this, instead they are going for a solution like Steam, where some singleplayer games are forced on steam.

jy_mrnd3191d ago

I hate DRM but i only play games on PC.I loved the first assassin creed so i had no chocie but to buy the second one on steam.