Why 360 Fanboys Are The Worst Of The Bunch

Author of gamenewsforgamers writes-

"Before you read this, the answer is yes, I have read the article "Why SONY Fanboys Are The Worst Of The Bunch" and I said "What the hell?, let's post a reply to this article but this time, it'll be about 360 fanboys". So this is my reply."

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OmarJA-N4G3144d ago

Because they work for Micro$oft.

FangBlade3144d ago

Im approving this only because the other one got approved.
Lets make it fair people.

movements3144d ago


Gue13144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

I know many people feel butthurt because of the "Sony fans are the worst" article but lets just ignore it and move on. =)

God of War 3 is coming out in only 2 days!!!!!

Will-UK3144d ago

why PS3 fanboys are the worst article was such a joke, if the author seen who approved it he would know no fanboy is worse than another

xTruthx3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Its what TheBlackSmoke said
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ----------
Sony fanboys = Obsessive: obsessed with proving the superiority of the PS3 (even though any sane person knows this anyway).Wont let an argument die until they feel it is won. plus some entitlement issues.

Ms fanboys = Delusional: Will make up anything to win even when the facts right in their face say otherwise. Always spin positive sony news in to a negative. Change their own "rules" to suit each argument

eg: will change argument from graphics to meta to sales constantly
----------------------------- ------------------------------ - --------

Just because they say the truth apparently their a fan boy. Some 360 fans like homicide think the media isnt biased after IGN, GT and even a major company like SE got caught switching pictures. When sites give CODMW2, Halo, Gears, Bayonetta etc better graphics than games like heavy rain, gow3, killzone 2 etc. what is that all about ? and the last pathetic thing that happened was with FF13, reviewers gave it better ratings than the 360's, I mean wow ? are people so blind to not see bias ?

Sony and their clock problem thing ? over 20 articles saying the ps3 was doomed. Where was all the articles talking about the 360's RROD?, e74 errors? disks scratching errors ? when xbl was down for a month? how many have we seen of those ?If sony have had those problems, I think they would of been out of business with all the hate articles the media would make.

You think this article is gonna get as much heat as the other one ? No, because people already know the truth, only delusional fanboys with deny it.

xTruthx3144d ago

Above ^^^^ Men't to say, they gave higher reviews to FF13 on 360 than PS3

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XxDeathDoctorxX3144d ago

awww the xbots reporten it haha cry babies go cry to master homo from gaylo

moeqawama3144d ago

I commend the writer's testicular fortitude

dangert123144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

what a day this is turnin out to be. . .HHG Show to cause the next controversy of the day?

Omega43144d ago

I bet there wont be a Nintendo version of this

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The story is too old to be commented.