Tawkn: God of War III Review

Dana Olson on writes:

"It has been a long time coming, but over three years after the launch of the PlayStation 3, a new installment in the God of War series has landed. It has a lot to live up to; the other games in the series are at the top of their class on the PlayStation 2 and PSP. The team working on the game had a rocky start, as the game's original director, Cory Barlog, left his position with the company early on in production. No two God of War games have had the same director, yet the second managed to meet or exceed expectations and proved a worthy follow-up to David Jaffe's original vision. Stig Asmussen was chosen to fill the void; did his team pull it off again in the end, or is there only chaos?"

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Eric Cartman3193d ago

Instead of using bold words, it tells you what you need to know about the game.

I didn't read the part about the story as I feared it might spoil something for me but the rest is well-written and informative. It's clear that this guy played the game as a gamer rather than a paid journalist on a deadline.

I'm currently playing the game and it's even better than I expected. Some lucky bastard I am. :)

Ninji3192d ago

How would you spoil yourself on the story? The story in God of War 3 isn't even important (much like the 1st two games). Big angry guy goes around killing gods. In fact, the story is pretty much the same in all games with just a slight difference each time. The story doesn't even need to be there. It's all about the gameplay.

bjornbear3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

actually thats not entirely true

fine, GOW franchise doesn't consist of a multi-layered dynamic story like Mass Effect 2 or Heavy Rain, but the story from GOW1 and GOWII is a bit different.

in one its his rise to god-dom (yes it includes killing a god but, the motivations are different)

GOWII is where he actually gains the reason to kill ALLL the gods

GOW is slightly different to GOWII and GOWIII since GOWII and III could be considered PART1 and PART2 where as GOW1 can actually work as a completely isolated story

it is also not that simple:

if you were to study the Greek Mythos, you would learn WHY certain things happen (why are the titans helping kratos? why did the gods do what they did to him? etc...)

basically, the story isn't that important, I agree with you

but if you know the greek mythology, and the story, it just adds that much more satisfaction to every kill =D!

+ there are some interesting twists in GOWII just as there must be in GOWi and GOWIII =)

Baka-akaB3192d ago

GoW 3 is hardly all about gameplay . It is polished to the extreme but lack any kind of depth and freedom offered in say devil may cry/bayonetta , or the ninja gaiden series .
In counterpart these games lack in their plots , and can't offer the same kind of story pacing .

The story is very important and drives the game , just like in Uncharted and modern warfare , regardless of their script's quality .
The remarks about GOW being very story centric arent really about the quality of the scenario and writing ... but it's focus , pacing , and the way obviously the action and scenes are directed and tailored .

raztad3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )


How GoW is not about gameplay only story? where do you get that?

You might or might not like GoW3 combat, it may not be as combo based as DMC, but GoW3 gameplay is top notch, and extremely fun. BTW, anyone can do a long combo in DMC type of game, to have a good combo in GoW requires some skills.

aaronisbla3192d ago

actually, the majority of people would disagree with you strongly ninji, the game is often praised for being a hack and slash that keeps you interested with its gripping story, moreso than its gameplay.

In fact, critics of the series often say the gameplay of previous GoW games wasn't its strong point since other beat em ups offer deeper combo systems.

I play it for both, if you just play it for gameplay, fine but don't be so dense as to think its story doesn't matter to just about everyone else who is a fan

aaronisbla3192d ago

bak, have you played the full game for GoW3? not saying you are right or wrong, but those sound like words from someone who has played it already, not just the demo.

If you meant to say GoW 1 and 2, i can understand that

swiftshot933192d ago

Like mentioned, there IS strong quality to the story (the games have been known for it), but again, not in the actual scenario. The characters, motivations, focus, and presentation of the story is what makes the story side of GOW so great. GOW wouldnt be the same without the focus on the story.

King Hippo3192d ago

I somewhat agree with Ninji as a lot of the main appeal is how fun the combat is as well as the amazing environments and the epic boss battles.

GrabthroatShinkicker3192d ago

Maybe some people like it for the story, and others like it for the gameplay? Doesn't have to be a one-way universal truth, here.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3192d ago

then onto 2 and then NEW. You can hear Kratos straining to get out of the case!