16 Xboxes Help Pull Off Amazing Theater Stunt

Director Spiro Razatos doesn't make Steven Spielberg money, but he probably loves movies just as much. So when it came time to build his dream home theater, he couldn't make it a big-budget production. Still, he had an epic vision.

The stuntman-turned-stunt-coordinator and director has fond memories of sitting in vintage movie theaters with his dad. "Since I was a little kid I wanted to have a real theater where I could sit and watch movies at home," he says.

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Majors3412d ago

Thats nearly exactly the same as my setup, except I have 16 PS3's and no 360's ;)

Bot Smasha3412d ago

Only for 12 of the 360,s to RROD and the other 4 stracth his DVD,S lol what a joke of a home theatre No blu ray Epic fail. I suppose all those flashing lights make for a great disco i would invite loads of people round for that.

SnuggleBandit3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

Actually 16 xbox's = 8 ps3's so really you have double :)

ChozenWoan3412d ago

Must be using the PS3 to power the main screen... gotta have that 1080p if your going to go all out for a home theater.

NateNater3412d ago

16 Xboxes? Why not just use 1 PS3? Its the same amount of power.


commodore643411d ago

did you read the article?
If you had, you would know that the guy DID have a ps3 in his setup.

Interestingly, he chose 16 360s to play COD on,with his 15 buddies.
Notice he doesn't have 16 ps3s.

What does that tell you?

NateNater3411d ago

Did you not notice the sarcasm wink ;) at the end of my statement? It was just a joke. Calm down dude.

commodore643411d ago

The fact that you felt the need to explain your troll suggests it is you that needs to calm down.

You know it's true.

NateNater3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

Umm who has more agrees and bubbles? Yeaaaa that what I thought

Hahahaha you can't even answer me. Disagree if you're there! XD

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streety519a3412d ago

He has got a blu-ray player moron. Read the article.

avengers19783411d ago

Well that's one person counting for 16 360 sales. That just goes to prove my theroy right. More people actually own PS3's compared to 360. I know sales numbers might say differently, but the sales numbers don't say how many re-buys for the 360 there are in my estimations there are 26.7 million people that use the 360 compared to about 32.4 million people that use the PS3.

nix3412d ago

16 360s are only being used for gaming.. since he's got 15 friends who come over to his place.

Biggest3412d ago

The purpose of this is. . . ?

Kushan3412d ago

The purpose is to have the best possible gaming room/home theatre you can get - and for quite a small sum, all things considered.

Can anyone here, anyone at all, honestly say they wouldn't love to own that basement?

Biggest3412d ago

I mean the purpose of it being here as gaming news. It's like putting a news article about a serial killer with 21 victims found in his basement. And there was a XBox 360 in the house as well. Yes, this guy is living his dream. No, it has no impact on the gaming community. Unless you're one of his 15 friends.

SeNiLe9113411d ago

what would your comment have been?

dragonelite3411d ago

Every body would like to have this except ps 3 fanboys.
They would say ooh a 360 in their me dont want even if it was free.
A normal fan would hell yeah dont care if their are 360 in it.

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