How Can Videogames Make Us Cry?

Richard Rouse III, designer of The Suffering, listed five different tools that designers can use to elicit an emotional response in gamers.

People have always asked the question, "Can videogames make us cry?" Richard Rouse III set out to answer that question in a panel at GDC 2010. Rouse, known for designing the The Suffering and now at Ubisoft Montreal, is certainly equipped to answer this question, having written a book called Game Design: Theory and Practice as well as being an accomplished designer himself. He cited the Electronic Arts advertisement from 1983 which originally posed the question of crying in games, and despite some designers claiming that the topic is outplayed (Including Steven Meresky who told Rouse that his panel was "so 1993.") it remains an important issue to the industry to this day.

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pixelsword3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

When they suck.


Inferno3165d ago

VC made me cry, that game is just a masterful.