Why Final Fantasy VI is the Best Game in the Final Fantasy Series

Associated Content: Final Fantasy games have been around since the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and they've been paving the way and setting the standard for story driven Role Playing Games (RPGs) right from the start. However developer Square Enix doesn't rest on their laurels. They try something new and different, changing things like the combat system, the magic system, the setting and how characters grow and change with almost every entry. While every fan has their favorite of the 13 games in the series most long time fans point to Final Fantasy VI (originally released in the US on the Super Nintendo in 1994 with the title Final Fantasy III) as being the entry where everything came together in a way that has yet to be repeated.

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Godmars2903166d ago

Always thought IV was best. Though I loved the idea of magic powered mechs. And Kefka is probably a better villain than Sephiroth.

RedPawn3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Honestly me too man, I really enjoyed 1, 6, & 7, also.

FFiv had that last great mythical appeal to it without sacrificing story w/world element.

Oh man Mt Hobbs/Mt Ordeals music classic, hell I played it 2 times in a row when it 1st came out.

George Sears3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

IV and VI are both awesome but I personally prefer VI over IV more. Oh and Kefka, well he is the epitome of the word villain. Too overpowered as well. Although I would say one of the most pathetic of FF villains at first, you can truly see his evolution in strength From just a Blizzard using dude, to a complete magic Devil like badass.

Godmars2903166d ago

But you have to love the fact that he starts off as joke, only to quickly become a threat.

JoySticksFTW3165d ago

Kefka, a large cast of cool and unique characters all with their own story and abilities, amazing soundtrack, great story twist...

I'd love a new old-school SNES-esque FF (kind of like what Capcom is doing for Megaman).

I wouldn't have it be a main FF, but a full-fledged game with a great story that you could download off of PSN, Live, or WiiWare.

Aww yeah... :)

specialguest3165d ago

FF6 at that time had top quality soundtracks, graphics, and the dark atmosphere was done effectively well.

FF6 has a special place in my memories. It was a time when the only thing I cared about was video games, and the whole urge to go female chasing wasn't quite there yet. It was the last year of my childhood before becoming a full fledged teenager. Maybe that's one reason why I love FF6 that much.

Hellsvacancy3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Final Fantasy 8 is a masterpiece in my eyes, it was the 1st FF game i played (and 1st RPG) i was playin it (aswel as the GOW Collection) up until my PS3 got YLOD (again) last week (buyin a slim this week)

But yeah, its a brill game, really shows ya wots missin in 2-days FF games, never played 7 so i cant comment

Sev3165d ago


You have good taste! Favorite Final Fantasy of all time. Now that is a game I wish they'd remake on the PS3.

Kefka is the only villain to ACTUALLY end the world as its inhabitants knew it.

Characters were great too.

thewhoopimen3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

FFVI definitely carries that special weight out of all the Final Fantasies. As mentioned before, it is the only FF where the heroes fail to save the world and the villain destroys it. I think also one of the few where a father watches his wife and children die and where a major badass character dies if you don't wait for him (Shadow). But for me, it was the music driven from that MIDI engine. It was just superb and to me the best Nobuo Uematsu churned out before the games started getting to big for him to handle. Every piece was an actual melody and not some atmospheric repeat. I still play the battle music on piano to this day and its a challenging piece, but it sounds so rad.

scruffy_bear3165d ago

For me IV was the best, it had the best story, hero's and villains. Just Awesome

SaiyanFury3165d ago

@ Hellsvacancy

I'll agree. I LOVE FF8 to this very day. Just today I re-downloaded it from the PSN because I've been wanting to start a new game of it on my main home theatre's PS3. I can't say which is the best FF game. I've got FF6, FF7, and FF8. All are amazing in their own respects. FF7 was the one what moved the series into 3D, but that said. I ultimately enjoy FF8 the most. Personally, I think it has the single, best minigame in the series, in the guise Triple Triad, the card game. Beyond that, it was the first game in the series to include 5 digit damage with Quistis' Shockwave Pulsar, and Eden's summon. Since the original PS, I haven't liked a single FF game. FFX was OK, but I found it average. FF11 was online so I never played it. I loved FF12 (I know I'm a minority here), but FF13 completely turns me off.

FF6 was a truly magical experience. I still love it and I always will. :)

k2d3165d ago

I agree that Kefka would be the biggest villain,
but Sephiroth has the deepest character of all the FF villains.

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Hitman07693166d ago

This was my favorite by far!

willie62893165d ago

one of my top 2 favorite rpg's along with crono trigger.

gamejediben3166d ago

Definitely the best in the series. Best Villain. Best story (the bad guys win. hows that for a ballsy twist?). Best Music and Best graphics (for its time). First lead female character. First voice acting in a FF game (Kefka's laugh and the opera).

FFVI is a masterpiece of its time and it is also a solemn reminder of how far Square has fallen, especially after the mediocrity of FFXIII. VI deserves every bit of the praise it gets.

Timesplitter143165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

FF13 is awesome. You probably haven't played it for more than 10 hours if you say it's mediocre.

I'd say it's up there with FF6,7 and 9. While I don't approve of SE's descision of going multiplatform, I highly suspect people are hating on the game just because of that, and they haven't actually played it

Darkfocus3165d ago

it's defiantly not up there with the titles you mentioned but it dos really pick up after the city level with sazh and vanilla but it's so drab before that though that you actually feel like your forcing yourself to play it. it does get pretty good after that point but I would say it's still mediocre compared to most other ff's

Cueil3165d ago

and it's not even in the same ballpark... not in the same effing country maybe not even in the same universe... FF6 was good from the first effing hour to the very end...

LiquifiedArt3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

The characters are actually INTERESTING. And you had a good balance of Exploration/Linearity. I was attached to each character.

Simple design descisions. Espers, Weapon/armor/accessory. No custom tailoringe each character to be the ultimate badass (ala FF 12) which completely ruins the Personalization of each character.

I could go on and on... I agree with this article.

RedPawn3165d ago

I really did not like Strago, Setzer & Gau, but that is a personal opinion, and yes FFVI is a great game.

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