Level-5 Planning New Title Announcement for April

Andriasang: Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino revealed via Twitter earlier this week plans for a new title announcement to be held in April. "Once this is announced," he wrote, "it will become an extremely anticipated title."

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TOO PAWNED3194d ago

Dark Cloud 3 was rumored title by PSuniverse, durring last TGS. DC3 and Legend of Dragoon 2.
I want both, but i want more DC 3. Please let it be it.

AznSniper3194d ago

I find it weird that Level-5 would be announcing the new title. Usually Sony announces the Level-5 developed games unless of course it is a Sony event happening. Famitsu will be the first to announce it probably. I'm hoping it is either Rogue Galaxy 2 or Dark Cloud 3.

Nitrowolf23194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

i hope its Dark Cloud 3 or Legend of Dragoon2
it might be White knight 2, if they haven't officially announced it

AznSniper3194d ago

White Knight Chronicles 2 has officially been announced.

-Alpha3194d ago


#2 was VASTLY underrated and overlooked, it was an absolutely beautiful game and I really want to Falcon Punch somebody if this game doesn't get announced! Level-5 would be MENTAL if they didn't make a new Dark Cloud game.

TooTall193193d ago

I'm not a huge RPG fan but I love both Dark Cloud games.

Sevir043194d ago

This i hope this game isn't for Wii or DS or even PSP.. i want another RPG for PS3... i'm thinking RG2, that game was awesome

Lirky3194d ago

its white knight story for ds + dark cloud 3 ps3/wii. Maybe?

nogolis3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Sony own's both IP so Nintendon't get either...

Dark Cloud 3 is their announcment. We made mention of this long ago... We saw some stuff at GDC and talked to a few here and there about what Level 5 was up to and everyone is under the impression Darkcloud 3 is Sony's Febuary 2011 RPG.

-Alpha3194d ago

Don't screw with me man! I'm serious as a heart attack, I NEED Dark Cloud 3 to be announced, I just have to know if it's happening or not.

nogolis3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

I'm 100% sure of it... The kicker here is that from what we've been hearing Sony isn't backing many RPG's. A lot of them have been put on the table for Sony and 85% of them are being rejected by them.

We know they are spending millions on Legend of Dragoon 2 and they're footing the dev cost for Darkcloud 3 but aside from an MMO Sony is creating for PShome there isn't much to pick from we gather.

AznSniper3194d ago

I really hope it is Dark Cloud 3 though. What happens if you are wrong nogolis? Are you going to disappear?

damnightmare3194d ago

Whoa whoa whoa

When did this happen? 0_o

Legend of Dragoon 2!? I didn't see this

nogolis3194d ago

The only time I disapear is when my band and I are on tour... And that's for obvious reasons. I am 100% positive of this. A side note, Sony is buying another studio this year too. A close one. I can't say it's Level 5 because I don't think it is level 5 but some people said it could be the case as a ton of Sony employee's are setting up shop with these guys in a new office.

damnightmare3194d ago

Ok now back up and tell me where Legend of Dragoon 2 was confirmed lol

saint_john_paul_ii3194d ago

listen, nogilis/VGtilt/Gamesblow

you better be right, if not get ur butt out of n4g.

Noctis Aftermath3194d ago

@pope: it doesn't matter if he's wrong or right, he's gone about it the right way and told an interesting story, bravo sir.

Also if your right about sony denying most RPGs then F*%*$$% dammit sony that's the one genre you need more of right now!

LiViNgLeGaCY3194d ago

Dude that isn't funny. You BETTER not be lying about LOD 2. Seriously. That's mean.

callahan093193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Sony is buying another studio?


Well, the only candidates I can really guess from would be Insomniac, Sucker Punch, and Relenteless. All are independent studios that work very closely with Sony.

Insomniac may be the best bet, really, what with all the multiplatform rumors spinning around all the time, Sony may find it necessary to sweep them up if Insomniac wants to go along with it. Considering how utterly close of a relationship Insomniac has with the Sony-owned Naughty Dog, I would think that it would be a no-brainer to have Insomniac as an official developer under the Sony umbrella rather than just an independent with VIP treatment.

Sucker Punch and Relentless could be the choice for largely the same reasons, though they are not under constant scrutiny to turn over and do multiplatform development so Sony may not deem it necessary to take measures to keep them under their wing.

I think that From Software seems like it could be a choice, but they are a pretty large studio that has multiple teams working on projects for many different platforms, so even though Sony has worked closely with From Software on some projects like Demon's Souls, the entire company may not be a good fit for Sony, but the thought of them leads me to another company... Perhaps they would be looking to buy just Silicon Studios, which is working with From Software on 3D Dot Game Heroes?

Silicon is an independent company and Sony already owns a share of the company (here's the list of shareholders):

IMAGICA Technologies Corp.
ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corp.
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., LTD.
Ray Corporation
SGI Japan, Ltd.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Sumisho Computer Systems Corporation

At one point Takehiro Terada was talking about 3D Dot Game Heroes being ported to the 360, but in recent days he keeps saying it'll never happen, and he never gives a well fleshed out reason, so perhaps it is because his company is being optioned by Sony to purchase the remaining shares?

Finally, I would say that Level-5 is unlikely. There are probably even some smaller developers of PSN games that are more likely to be picked up by Sony than Level-5, such as ThatGameCompany (Flow, Flower), Q-Games (PixelJunk series and XMB design, seems like a good candidate), Hello Games (the upcoming Joe Danger), or someone else.

Level-5, though, may be too big. They are not just a developer in Japan, but also a publisher, with most of their games now being self-published and not even a majority being released for Sony platforms. They have over 150 employees, the company assets include a football stadium in Fukuoka City... They just might be a little too diversified and valuable right now for Sony to purchase them. It's possible, but I think the least likely of all the companies I've mentioned. Insomniac is similarly valuable in terms of assets, but they have a more ingrained relationship with Sony and they are more important to the Sony brand, having already released 5 PS3 games, versus 1 by Level-5, and Insomniac has not diversified out into self-publishing and multiplatform development, so even though they would be quite expensive, I think they make a much better match for Sony's purchasing conquests than Level-5.

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Kamikaze1353194d ago

After playing White Knight Chronicles....the sequel better damn well be a significant improvement. I felt so let down...I still like it, but it fell way below my expectations =(

Noctis Aftermath3194d ago

With the current JRPGs not being on par with the PS2 generation titles, having an online component isn't all that important to me, i just want a solid JRPG, only 3 PS3 JRPGs this gen have been solid, Valkyria Chronicles, Demon's Souls and Tales of Vesperia(yay for no worldwide release /s).

Myze3194d ago

Regardless of what a lot of sites and crappy magazines (Edge) are saying, FFXIII is a great game as well, and ranks right with Valkyria Chronicles as my favorite this gen (unless you count Persona 4, since it came out this gen time frame). Demon's Souls would be right there with them, but even though it's made by a Japanese company, when I think of JRPG, I do NOT think of a game like Demon's Souls (not a bad thing, it's just that it seems more like a WRPG than JRPG).

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