ResumePlay Takes Blur for a Spin (360 Beta)

ResumePlay has spent the last few days playing the beta for Blur, one of this spring's high-octane street racers. Its being developed by Bizarre Creations, the makers of the Project Gotham Racing series. PGR earned them a good reputation, and from the look of Blur so far, it could get even better.

To cut to the chase, Blur is fun. The formula is simple, and the game derives its ideas from existing titles. But like Darksiders, it mixes the games to create an awesome, fresh-feeling experience. Click the jump for a full in-depth preview.

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mau643415d ago

I still need to send in my code to try this game out... looks so fun.

talktosamson13415d ago

Not really a racing fan, but this looks promising.

Dukeoffl3415d ago

this game is like need for speed and mario kart had a baby. it's awesome

SKGamer3415d ago

That's exactly what I said in the preview, haha. Well, not the baby part, but about those 2 being the main influences.

Yeah I am loving the $hit out of this game. I CANNOT WAIT for the full version to come out, so I can actually do the 4-player split-screen with all my cousins and my dad and bro. We do a ton of split-screen gaming in my house, so this game is going to be pure gold for us.

The latest street racer with split-screen was Need for Speed Carbon in 2007 or 2008, which was waaaaay to long ago. Getting sick of that one by now.

Ninji3415d ago

I'd rather get Split/Second over this.

SKGamer3415d ago

Have you tried the Blur beta?

Because before I tried it, I agreed with you. I thought this game was going to be lame, and I was TOTALLY stoked for Split/Second to come out. I'm still really excited for Split/Second, and want to see some more gameplay demos or get an actual hands-on demo.

But after playing Blur, it totally changed my opinion of it. If you read the preview, I was really really impressed with everything about the game. And most importantly, its just addicting fun. So don't count Blur out until you tried: we're probably getting TWO fantastic racers this spring.

fbgamer3415d ago

Dukeoff hit it right on the head there. that's exactly what I think too XD

mau643415d ago

exactly, just say mario kart and im all over it.

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